Sunday, 27 April 2008

Good Deed of the Day

The act of giving to the less fortunate gives one a certain high, whether its because we know by doing so we will gain 7asanat or it will postpone any harm that we should encounter or simply it fulfils the category of doing a 'good deed' of the day. I know when one gives something to the less fortunate he/she shouldn't speak about it and he/she will simply be rewarded for it. I decided to share this with my beloved bloggers in the hope it will inspire any or one of you to do a good deed, which I'm sure that you all do so.

There are so many ways of doing a good deed, giving the occasional kd or 2 or lending a helping hand or it could be as simple as being courteous or a smile towards the the less fortunate. I try to do as much good deeds as I can, I guess I owe this to my mother who I am eternally indebted to because she made me love and obey my religion as much as I can. Today I went to bait elzakat and donated what I could spare.

Donations don't have a specific amount it could be from 100fils to a million, to thbe7aa sent to the starving countries 15-35kd, to sponsoring a child for a mere 10kd monthly, to building a well or a mosque. Think of it what do you do with 15 kd? It can be spent in 2 minutes on the most useless thing, whereas it can feed X amount of people that are dying from starvation.

I did my good deed of the day and I swear to you after I did I felt a weird feeling of actually being lighter, maybe its just my imagination but I felt a sense of relief. I hope this inspires you to do your good deed of the day.

p.s. The whole process took less than 5 minutes to do. I am sure all of you can spare 5 minutes and couple of kds to help the less fortunate..

If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one.
-Mother Teresa


nyxxie said...

thank you for this beautiful post, Allah y3eena 3la thekrah w shkrah, w tra mn shekar zaadah Allah. mn tawjeehat elnby 9la Allah 3laih w sallam

"انفق بلال ولا تخش من ذي العرش اقلالا"

that is a promise w wallah ena ma yanfeq elwa7ed mn 7laleh ella w zaadeh Allah marraat w mraaat..

Allah y3eena 3la 7sn 3badteh <3

Big Pearls said...

I feel much lighter and happier after a good definitely does a lot of good to the soul.

:::ShoSho::: said...

yeah very true.. I suport a kids, paying yearly for his education and stuff..

and I believe you can support anyone, not only a muslim.. In fact i don't like it when they say support only muslims.. I am for humanity..

Amethyst said...


FourMe said...

You're welcome :) ameen .. ofcourse the more you give the more you get.. I know couple of a7adeeth that I wanted to add bs ma3arfhom exactly word for word..

big pearls:
It sure does, it gives an amazing feeling..

mashala 3alaich, true a human is a human regardless of his religion, a good deed is a good deed it doesn't know a race or religion..


eshda3wa said...

ya36eech el3afya wnshallah kela eb mezan 7asanatich :**

Oranjina fadidra said...

I second mother Teresa little things have massive effects or so..

FourMe said...

E3afeech dear, ameen :*

Oran Fad:
True if each helped one person instead of attempting to help the whole world and fail we would still succeed because each would of helped one and that would mount up to the general masses.

N. said...

3afiyaaaa 3al sha6raaaaaa

Soul said...

A life needs addition of meaning to itself and that meaning is more than a meaning to numerous lot who need a life to live to create their own meanings.

~ Soul