Friday, 18 April 2008

Boiling Point!!

I have reached my limit of bottling things up, I'm terrified that I'm going to explode and explode like never before!! I'm worried that I'm going to snap at the next person who' will talk to me.. I'm under so much pressure, I'm so tense, so angry, so agitated, so so so so so soooooooooooooooo everything.... I WANT TO EXPLODE!! I think I'm about to lose my sanity too..

Enough is ENOUGH! It's like filling a balloon with water and filling it more and more and seeing how much it can take. Well I feel like that but I feel I've taken all that I can handle I can't take a drop more. I will I WILL explode! I've even cancelled my second trip, I am not in the mood to go and have fun when I'm this angry.

I want to SCREAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM from the top of my head!! I need to get this anger OUT or I will drop dead because I don't think I can handle to be this stressed for one more day! If you're wondering what's bothering me, its everything and anything, its just one thing on top of the other that mounted to an unbelievable amount of pressure.. The top of my head is literally boiling hot, you'd think I have a fever of 40 degrees or higher, I feel like my head will explode any minute.. I need to calm the fuck down but I don't want to I need to Explode I need to I need to I REALLY NEED TO!!


..::Amu::.. said...

calm down..relax and take a chill pill!! whats up now?

Glitter said...


Missy said...

book a massage session. NOW!

Ms. D said...

ta3alaay khanroo7 ana wenty sound proof room ow ng3ad nsarikh min gummat rasnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!


i suggest u get urself into anger management! IT WORKS!!! TSARKHEEEN! OW T7THFEEN O MA7AD EGOLICH LA2 ;D

FourMe said...

What is this "Calm" you speak of ?

Boom you head

I think that will happen soon even though it won't help.

abiii abiii meta enrooo7.. et9adgeen that would be helpful, maybe I should convert the house into sound proof.

hehehe your suggestions to7faa lol

Amethyst said...

What happened?;\

FourMe said...

just everything on top of each other I guess :/

ZaMaHReeR said...

I will tell u what to I usually do when I want to kick some ones a$$ just because Im angry..
I go and run in the street or I go to the gym and work out or in case Im really angry I use the kick boxing bag and start punching and kicking. and another option is to go to a shoot range club and use different types of guns which sometimes have a rewarding feeling :)
Do the running first, run as fast as u can don't look back and when u are tired, park in any cafe and have a hot chocolate :)

G and L said...

say it with me girl wuuuuuuuuusssaaaaaaa

FourMe said...

I really really run pathetically actually I run like a penguin which makes me embarrassed to run in public :/ But I'm loving the kick boxing idea!

g and l:
la wuuuusaaaa wlaaa bussssaaaa wlaaa nussaaaa yenfa3 ma3aay :/

ZaMaHReeR said...

who cares about what ppl thinks!
do u run like phoebe in Friends? she didn't care about ppl and she continued to run.. it is more fun to be unique!!

Ms. D said...

mmm.. remeber a website with pengiuns? mmm u play mayshkan ism`ha ;p bs chethy tfarferenhom ow t9ay3eenhom chenhom hubul, they dance ow they chill ow eghazloon ;p
it used to calm me down during my finals.. and i say my finals cuz most of my "drama" was during that time ;p

anyhoooo... i think anger management centres or clinics mawjoden kil mokan.. check the yellow pages ;)

bs as`hal shy is screaming to music ;p i suggest leona lewis`s "bleeding love" sarkhy 3leeha wed3ey leeeeey!!

OutOfReach said...

you need a message session and green tea :P
I hope your better now

Soul said...

baby el yooom el fayer i will be free only for u LOOOL come online and let it all out on me ;p

Yara said...

Whats the top spa in london ? Lets book for me and u .. i really need to... lots of stress :(

Take a weekend off... just for urself... relax.. no phone no nothing.... just u and somewhere nice... book a hotel barra london with great scenery, spa ect

Shoush said...

T3awithay min iblees and take a DEEP breath. Then tighten ur fist 7aaaaaaail, then let go. 3fsaay wayhich 7aaaaaaail, then let go. Clench ur teeth 7aaaaaaaaaail, then let go. Stretch ur body 7aaaaaaail, then let go. Now another deep breath then pause and try to clear ur mind. Ignore all that's bothering u. Think pleasant thots. Force urself to smile while ur at it. Absorb the smile, let it sink in. Breeeeeathe. Relaaaaax.

Try this, am serious. It works as a temporary relief.

eshda3wa said...


buy yourself a tred mill

itll do wonders

Anonymous said...


thats the only solution

Soul said...

You need to TALK !

You can choose to come either from top or from bottom of your stress pile.

Other suggestions are good too, but without venting, they are of less use. The stress pile is never reduced.

You gotta vent and vent it in TALK.

Ranting here is a good first step.

~ Soul