Sunday, 13 April 2008

7 Sevens of 7 Sevens!

I was tagged by ShoSho el3asal:

7 Things I plan To Do (someday within my lifetime)
1. Go to Hajj.
2. Get a Phd.
3. Move ON!
4. Find a job in London.
5. Buy a Flat for Myself in London.
7. Adopt a child financially. ( their education all the way to University level)

7 Things I can Do (Intentionally Or Unintentionally)
1. I can win ANY verbal fight or discussion regardless of the topic.
2. I can Talk and Listen simultaneously. I can have a full conversation while listening to something else and when asked about it I can recite what the other person said down to the word.
3. Love unconditionally.
4. Give advice to everyone about all matters but I can't take my own advice.
5. I can remember arguments that I've had in the past word for word, but I can't remember what I did an hour ago :/ Go figure ..
6. I can wake up everyday at the same time without an alarm, for the past week I've been waking up at 2:31 pm on the spot.
7. I can make ANY man fall in love with me and propose within 2 months ( I swear this happens Unintentionally) p.s. I hate IT!

7 Things I CANNOT Do (Even if My Life Depended ON IT)
1. Balance myself. skating, roll blading, riding a bicycle, etc.
2. Eat Fish or any form of seafood! Ewww Eww and More EWWW!
3. Back stab.
5. Stop loving him.
6. Forget Him.
7. Stop thinking about him. (how pathetic)

7 Things I Say The MOST
1. Inshala
2. hMmm
3. Piss Off
4. Fuck It
5. Damn It
6. Fucking Hell
7. Ya Whatever (Hate saying it and HATE ppl saying it to ME)

I Tag Lala* (My lost BBF) and Soul (My partner in crime)..

p.s. Lala* I'm still waiting for your Tag and I will never give up on it and I will nag and nag till you do it ;(


Yara said...

We have lots of things in common.. i think it has to do with both of us being taurus.. I cant eat fish or any form of seafood too :) I wish i can when any form of verbal fight or discussion

Yara said...

i wish i can *win

Anonymous said...

loool sweet 7's ;p

1st 7 is sooo sweeeet! .. and a very nice idea ba3ad :)

Mashallah ur talking/listening abilities are excellent ;)

2nd 7 LOL! .. i can actually do the same! .. ( unintentionally) but i love it! ;p yarthe ghorori ;$ ( chena i sound mean ;/ ) bs keefkom i love it ;p

4th 7 WHATEVEEEEEEEER! lool! .. tara wala taqher el kilma!!

Soul said...

i like ur personality or at least the part that ur showing it to us here. very interesting per`3son ;)

and the men proposing issue sucks! LOL cuz it happens to me also bas i hate it!
lazgaaaa :/ u have to say kelmat enta mo rayal? ma 3endek karama 3shan ey6esooon! i'm not mean bas they don't understand when i say, no plz e7na ma ne9la7 7ag b3ath o ana mabi atzawaj now!!!! efff

Soul said...

Oh! ana tagged! 3ogb el 3asha asaweeh i'm starved.

FourMe said...

Ya I think so too, I love people from our star sign we Rock :P
Trust me sometimes I wish I can lose cuz it intimidates men and kinda threatens their 'manhood'.


My 3rd grade teacher used to freak out, I use to talk in class all the time and when asks "FourMe what did I just say?" Miss you said this this and this. heheheh she used to go nuts :p

Yakhty ey3iloon, heheh you're not mean, you're right;)
wil mo9eeba I state it from day 1 and say ya flaan la tyeeny 3ogob cham shahar tgoly 7abaitich w btzwijich! 6ab3an the 'manhood' of it laa shakoo shenoo entay awal wa7da a3arfha .. couple months later "I love you , Will you Marry me?" ..I guess I'm just to0 irresistible looool ..

etyeebly el3ilaaa hal word and I keep saying it :/ I know it pisses me off 7adha!!


Me likey your pe'3sonaliteee too :p

Wala ya soul ya bent Ghandi this is me I ain't putting on a show or pretending to be someone else. What you see is what you get, metaphorically speaking. I'm not trying to impress anyone or anything so this is just me, but in person I am more 3a9abeyaa that's all.

loool la the 'Ent mo rayal' phrase I use in some occasions. When I catch a man red handed in whatever something he's tried hiding from me I tend to say 'sheno ent mo rayal?' Because any person who's afraid from any human being in my opinion is a coward! ana makhaf ela min rabi so anyone else can take a hike !

shakla hal tag by6ali3 balawii lol

Soul said...

LOOOOL la o a7la shay lama etgoolen enta mo rayal ey3a9ebbbb o eygoolich e7tarmay nafsech o entay men tekoneen o yalla bye forever!

two days later eyey: yal jasya 7esay feeni LOOOOOOL wayhek a7es feek

i'm working on the tag, ;)

Crazed Man in Tattered Robes and Straw Sandals said...

Adopt a child financially. ( their education all the way to University level)

Adopt me 'financially' *spends money on everything but 'falseacation'

"7. I can make ANY man fall in love with me and propose within 2 months ( I swear this happens Unintentionally) p.s. I hate IT!"

La Walla?

Ok, make me fall for you. : )

Add "ARGHH MATEY" to your list of things you say the most and then I will love you unconditionally.

FourMe said...

hehehehee la 3aad hatha jad mo rayal! I can't handle that type at all! La ely 3araft'hom shway arjal min ily 3indich hahahhaaha.. tara ely bygraa the comments ely baini w bainich bygool e7na 7adna fa9leen :P
Can't wait ..


Crazed Dude:
lol at the time being let me finance myself 1st then I'll finance you!

I don't go for youngsters :p
Btw I tend to say 'Mate' alot :)

so s0o do you love me now??

um-miT3ib said...

u can make them propose?

ana yin7ashoon in 2 months;p

Slai7e6 said...

"I can win ANY verbal fight or discussion regardless of the topic."

yuma om elsanain :p

Slai7e6 said...

"Stop loving him."

And how come u couldnt make " him " love and propose ? *sigh* ...

FourMe said...

trust me I never want them to, they just do! lol yabelich course mokathaf 3indy


hehhehe Yes I am and I'm poud of it :)

He did propose and more than once..

Soul said...

fa9leen o baaaas! LOOOL we talk eb thega b3ad hahaha

Crazed Man in Tattered Robes and Straw Sandals said...

lol ok deal. How old do you think I am? No has to be the full thing!

Soul said...

crazed u r 19!

o i want the playstation 1 only. o bas m3a resident eveil, how much?

FourMe said...

yabelna rating ebro7na lol

la la ana abi atari ely lona rmadi w ako mina brown ba3ad, and the joy stick is black with a big ass red button, la7gtay 3aleh?


Crazed dude:
damn! seeing I say just 'mate' do you think you can love me conditionally? It is part of the phrase hence I am entitled to be loved.

Judging on your endless shenanigans with 'Suspic the Toddler' I say your just couple of years older than him.. therefore making you a youngster.

Big Pearls said...

Get over him..No man deserves..I think you are the first one who doesn't have "lose weight" on ur plan:p

FourMe said...

big pearls:
I should of added the 'I wanna gain weight'point but I didn't wanna anger my female readers..

:::ShoSho::: said...

hehe thanks!

Agree on the forgetting part, i forget things easily, like if i go down to do something, when i am down, i forget what i went for?!!

lol at the proposal thing..

Oh such a stubborn woman, lol I am at the opposite end, I CAN'T win arguments.. maybe because I just keep my mouth shut!

Shoush said...

Ya, i noticed that giving ppl the best advice is so easy, but taking ur own advice takes a lot of self-discipline.

Amethyst said...

I can wake up at the same time everyday without an alaram, too!;D

..::Amu::.. said...


G and L said...

laish u wanna live in london?? rday deertich!

Oranjina fadidra said...

"I can remember arguments that I've had in the past word for word, but I can't remember what I did an hour ago" Gosh me too, like I was trapped in 2002 ;p

advice is easier for people coz objectivity rules. and emotions rules for self advice..

Crazed Man in Tattered Robes and Straw Sandals said...

I'm 27, I'm a MAN :D

yella make me fall for you.

and i can love unconditionally or not at all, mako in between so start saying arghhhh matey :D

and soul, i shall get the games soon hopefully :)

FourMe said...

I wish I can forget I really wish.You shouldn't be so quite if something bothers you just say it. Its not good to keep things bottled up.


Its impossible to do!


yaaaay you're a freak like me :)


I agree!

FourMe said...

g and l:
I tried working in Kuwait and I couldn't handle it, there is no sense of professionalism.. almost every male client I had tried to hit on me. It's like a flipping dating service not a working environment.


Oran Fad:
I'm stuck in 2006 and doesn't seem like I'm gona get out of it :)


Crazed Dude:
Well if you say So :)
Sorry mate I don't change the way I speak for no one.

What's this your stalking me and asking for my love already :p slow down we just got to know each other .

Crazed Man in Tattered Robes and Straw Sandals said...

i was not aware commenting was another form of stalking lol.

we should do it in reverse, go fast then end up slow.

ARGH matey

FourMe said...

Crazed Dude:
Hell that way might just work lol

Stalking comes in many forms, there isn't a txt book type of stalking.. man where is your sense of humour!

Crazed Man in Tattered Robes and Straw Sandals said...

You took it with my heart


FourMe said...

Seems like I broke a record here.. my average was 2 monthes, but seems like it worked on you in 2 days!

Praise the lord I still have it :p

Hamitaf La B. said...

yaaaa rab one day agdar I win a verbal battle yaaaaaaaaaa rab!!!

FourMe said...

Inshala you will and if all fails I shall win one for you.