Sunday, 16 March 2008

You Talk, I Listen

I'm fed up of talking so now its Your turn! Just as the title states You talk, I Listen.

I try not to judge a book by its cover but lets face it we all do, so all of you lovelies who read this blog or have been reading it from the get go will give your impression of me FourMe. I want constructive criticism, based on what you have been reading so far I want your opinion in me (but hey don't state the obvious i.e. Knock Out, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Hottie :P ) No seriously tell me what you think and for those who want me to give my impression of them, let me know.

Note: For this post I will not accept any comments under Anonymous, If your judging me I would at least like to know who you are (so I can hunt you down and kill you) again just kidding but seriously no anonymous comments.

I'm Listening...


manayiir said...

constructive criticism?
are you asking a bunch of strangers to mould you?

as for my opinion;

Hasan.B said...

Now this is very interesting, I do not mind you giving an impression on me btw, but etha elsalfa feha balawe o hard criticism then its better to send it on my email! I am going to be very honest so hope you do not mind! Okay so My impression..

What I know so far is that you are 27 years old, and living in london at the moment. So this means if I am not mistaken you are either continuing your studies or working there. If that is the case then this means that you are ambitious and of course stylish! Stylish cause you are living in london obviously!

From your posts and comments; I can say you are very straight forward and bold. You say what comes on your mind but add some humor to it. Maybe you do not want people to get mad or hurt and thats why you add the humor or maybe because your just a very funny person! You are very spontaneous as well.

I think that you are in love with love itself more than anything else. You like the feeling, who doesnt huh? Sometimes from your post, I feel as if you are not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel, although there is one. I am assuming that you like traveling and reading as well. Oh and most importantly you are not a shy person, maybe in front of people you are, but here you are not. who likes shy women anyway?! I think you are a person that gets angry but prefers to not show it to others and thats why you show it more often here. Overall you seem like a nice women, with no racist views and not into politics. But what really makes you a good human being is the fact that you do not support bloody arsenal!! Cause if you do then maybe I should add some other stuff!! I believe thats all for now!

This looks like a lame comment! Do not know where did I bring all of that, and I am thanking god that you are not a king at the moment!

Big Pearls said...

oh ur getting waay too serious about blogging:p kidding..

Glitter said...

Here yo are funny, talkative, spontaneous, wayed complaining abt lost love <-- SO WHAT?! Killina lost a love or two ;) hehehe
But I bet in real life you are not than outgoing, maybe only with ppl u're close with!

Hopeless Poet said...

I think you are way too moody!

Amethyst said...

I think we have the same attitude, so my opinion is biased;p

But you're great;)

G and L said...

Well let's see...the soul mate thing, I can connect with u on tht subject:( When you post about that subject chinna im reading my own thoughts. sad but true. I know that's not judging but hey i'm not one to judge

Shoush said...

Hasan: 5osh ta7leel. Am waiting for FourMe to reply to it to see how accurate u r. ;P

FourMe: Am new to ur blog so i can't say anything, sorry.

Soul said...

a sweet person, so romantic and know exactly what u want. morals and ethics are so important to u, u try ur best to be a better person.. praying and maybe charity makes u feel good.
u love someone and u day dream about him and make stories in ur mind and actionat ;p
sometimes u feel so down, not because u r bored! but because u want that someone to be a part of ur life, a life partner.
u hate it when u get used to something and then it changes.
mmmmm, smart, love to learn new stuff about life and cultures.

bas 5alaaa9 chenni ga3da agra borjech LOL

last but not least, i like u!!
and no ppl, that does not sound lesbian!

Soul said...

by the way, i got DSL.. second life is sooo funny LOL let's meet there.

nQ said...

honestly - to me - all the blogs are ONE. i dont differentiate between one blogger and the other unless they are my friends, friends of friends or i really hate them.

all i think of you is that you're part of a Movement.
you and your friends: lala, g and i, powder, glitter, foundation, etc planned to invade the blogosphere recently, and it seems like you guys are getting adapted.

and you're self-conscious

New Bride said...

U R strong , Feminiest well educated straight forward nice cute girl

Lala* said...

you're one of the few closet bloggers who I regularly check on whenever I open my laptop***

..::Amu::.. said...

you are special in this blogsphere :) keep shinning!

G and L said...

nq: Im g and L not i ;) And i am lovin this movement idea ur talking about *evil schemes revolving in my head*

:::ShoSho::: said...

Interesting post!

Yeah we all get this 'idea' of how this blogger is like in real life.. it's like we know the person.. I know some people say some bloggers lie but sorry I feel my blogger friends, i mean the ones i read their blogs and who visit mine, aren't lying!

I think you are straightforward but I don't know if in real life you are or not. I mean, I am straightforward in my blog and speak my mind, i am me but in real life I don't always get to say what i want, although I would love to..

But I like your honesty and attitude in your blog..

Keep it up, I love you *hugs*

FourMe said...

manayir aka nq:
I'm not asking them to mould me I'm asking them for their impression of me, there is a difference between moulding and impressions.


big pearls:
how so ? btw I find blogging therapeutic


Quite the opposite I'm very outgoing to a point that I have acquired the nickname "International" by my friends min kethir elawadim ely a3arfhom.
I complain about the lost love because it actually meant more thn a one or 2 lost loves .. it was the real deal.


hopeless poet:
Bulls eye! 100% accurate


Back at you babe ;)

g and l:
heheh we all judge but we hate to admit it.. its human nature ;)


heheh bada3 Hasan.b.. when you form an impression let me know ;)


you nailed morals and ethics, they play a major role in my life and sometimes I clash with ppl who don't have them cuz I just can't tolerate them.
True 7ada I hate change.. heheh entay ay borj?
p.s. I like you too !
p.s.s. email me your avatar's name and what time you're on ( we sO sound like nerds :p) lool

FourMe said...

I hope I'm not on your hated list! But thn if you hate them why do you read their blogs??
hahahah I'm part of no movement but with the names you mentioned I find it a pleasure to be associated with their 'movement'. Apologies for invading your world :p

Self concious? You think ?? heheh I'm asking strangers to give me their opinion in me so I would have to say yes I am..


My only weakness is love 3ama eb 3ainia .. apart from that you're right..




thank you for the compliment .. sure you didn't forget anything ? like boring or so .. :p


I feel the same way, I don't think the people around my blog are lying and if they are what are they gaining out of it ? It doesn't make sense..

I am straightforward in real life too but I try not to hurt people because that's one thing I really hate. So sometimes I try to sugar coat what's on my mind just not to hurt the person in front of me.

Thank you honey.. love yours too *big hugs*

FourMe said...

No mate your comment is interesting!lol.

*FourMe loads her shot gun and aims* Who you callin 27!? Excuse me I'm 26, 10monthes, and a half! Ambitious yes but only academically. Stylish I would like to think so but certainly I'm no fashion victim.

I'm not judging myself but based on what people have told me I think I do have a good sense of humour. I don't add the humour in the post it just comes out but it's definatly
not planned. Bold yes but in my own way not in a 'go out of my way to get noticed' kind of boldness. Straight forward again yes.

I do love love but the point that no one seems to get is how much my past relationship was different! Everyone around thinks its just one of those 'love you and move on' kinda thing but it isn't. It was shock you to the core kinda love, the one that you don't ever forget. No I don't see the light because I am in the first degree pessimist, pessimist, pessimist. I don't like to put my hopes up and thn get nothing so I always assume the worse so when I'm disappointed in something I won't be shocked and already anticipated it.

I HATE reading so muchhhh.. I like travelling but don't like to stay in one place for a long period. I'm not shy but I am in the same time, for example when I meet people for the 1st time I tend to hold back and stay quite till I know what kind of people they are, some call it shyness I call it just being cautious and knowing the person in front of me.

Anger is one of the biggest problems in my life, you got this wrong I show my anger every where, sometimes I can't control it but I try to hold back as much as I can.

hehhehe my BA was in politics and so is my MA. I just prefer not to talk about it because its quite depressing but I absolutely love politics. Defiantly not racist I believe all humans are equal and we all have the right to believe in what ever we want. LOOOOL I AM A VERY GOOD HUMAN BEING ;)

very much appreciated your comment even though you've torn me to pieces.. that's all for now laish eho ent khalait shay ma gelta ? :p

p.s. I am thanking God I'm not a king TOO! Or mate you would be walking around headless by now lol.

Soul said...

looool 7adnaa nerds o mako she`3el :p borjee el qoos!
entay 26 wela 24!! this is my e-mail.

N. said...

I haven't formulated an opinion yet. I'll form one after and if we ever have a conversation. Blog posts can be misleading as to describing a person. It may show one side, but there is much more to any person than just what they post about.

However, you asked, and I'll give you an answer to satisfy your need for answers. You like to be controversial, these topics interest you and you have a strong opinion, to the point of aggression probably. None the less, you can be sweet too :p

FourMe said...

n. :
True you can't tell a person from their blog but I wanted an opinion based on what everyone have already read..

I don't like to be controversial I don't seek it, its part of my personality.hehehe I liked the aggression part yes I tend to stick to my opinion and I'll take it to my grave.