Sunday, 30 March 2008

Wanted Alive Or Alive!

OK I know every one doesn't mind when people bugger off on their short breaks to sort out their life or whatever it is that they do but Damn it I MIND!! I got used to my bloggers and I want them around I don't accept the popping out of the blogging world thing. Yes I have separation issues I don't tend to take them well...


Lala* Get your cute behind BACK ASAP!!!!

Note to hasan.b: was going to create a wanted poster for you to but you came back YaaaY :D


..::Amu::.. said...

I have that issue to even though I travel alot but I am always around my favourite blogs!

This Lady said...

i know.. its hard when bloggers dissappear :(

but it happened to me, so i know that sometimes u need to take a break.

:::ShoSho::: said...

I got bus lately too.. but yeah i know the feeling..

Lovely poster btw!

Big Pearls said...

A lot of bloggers disappeared lately:(

G and L said...

i think im gonna quit blogging for a while just so i can have my very own wanted poster on ur blog:D

Shoush said...

Hehe, love the poster. :P

Amethyst said...

Creative! I love!

FourMe said...

We need help :p


this lady:
veeery specially when its once that you like so much :/ ya I know but I'm being selfish here :D


I know I was wondering where you want I was thinkin a day or more and I'll send the search party out for you.

thnx :)


big pearls:
Me no likey the disappearing act :(


g and l:
hehehe No girl I can't handle one more disappearing act.. I'll do you one if you stay :p


thnx hun :)


heheh eshrayich bil reward Gold Shoes :p

Hasan.B said...

Damn it! I knew I came back too soon!! And thank god it is just wanted and not : wanted dead or alive!

Lala* said...


my eyes just popped when I saw your poster, b3dain I cracked a big smile when I saw my name..

7abeeeeeebti intay :*

tra I'm always here checking up on you,

It's just that my life is so full nowadays, but with good things al7amdlellah..

I promise i'll be back soon..


ur BBF,

eshda3wa said...

i know!
i feel like something missing in my life when a blogger disappears!

Glitter said...

I'm jealous!

say that you love me too,

Soul said...

hahaha niceeee el poster 3ajeeeeeb!

yeah fourme always check on her bloggers and ask if they disappear!

she is loyal! and i love her too :**

Soul said...

me SL now

FourMe said...

hehehee no you just came back in the nick of time.. laaa esmila 3aleha I want her alive and happy



Mabi mabiiiiii yalaa redaay ;( I know you're around but that is just not enough I miss your witty comments and hopeful outlook.. even though you're Anon your way around :p

el7amdila that's good to hear yet I demand your return ASAP!

Just wanted to let you know that you're missed :**

Awaiting your return my BBF :*


Woman we need to get a life :p


loool 7areemtich mani gaylaa .. shtabeen laish emnashbatny

wla tz3leen entay 3azeeza w ghalya


hehehe Merci Merci didn't know my "artwork" would be such a hit :p

love you to0oo :*

me sl u mako sl :/

:::ShoSho::: said...

Hey lala WB! Glad to hear from you and inshallah good things happen in your life always!