Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Being a woman is destroying me literally. I am dead serious it is killing me I can't handle it anymore I am so fucking tired of it. I'm a walking catastrophe waiting to happen.

Men read this so you get a glimpse of what we go through you ungrateful buggers! I really didn't want to talk about this but some assholes think woman pmsing is silly! Well guess fucking what it isn't!! Last weekend I was out with some friends and a friend of theirs was there as well. We were talking about the American elections and he made a silly remark saying "imagine letting a woman rule the most powerful country in the world while pmsing" he concluded the remark with laughter!! I was on the verge of bitch slapping him all the way back to Saudi!!

75% of women go through the regular PMS which includes mood swings, food cravings, sore bodies. Some lucky sluts don't feel it at all!! (Burn in HELL) But than there is Me the lucky one who gets PMDD "Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder" which affects 8% of the female gender. Symptom's as follows:
  • Persistent sadness or depression
  • Marked anxiety, feelings of being "keyed up" or "on edge"
  • Mood swings often marked by periods of teariness
  • Persistent or marked anger or irritability
  • Decreased interest in usual activities
  • Fatigue or lethargy
  • A feeling of being overwhelmed or out of control
  • Flu-like symptoms, including muscle aches, headaches and joint pain
  • Changes in sleep patterns — problems falling and staying asleep or sleeping too much
  • Changes in appetite — overeating, lack of appetite or specific food cravings
Now the bitch of it is that most normal women pms for a week at the max. But Nooooo FourMe is the lucky one I get to fucking PMDD for 2 straight weeks non stop, so basically 3 weeks of the month I'm an absolute mess. It's no where near funny I'm phyiscally drained I've been going through this god forsaken hell for the past 3 years. Ta3aabt wala ta3abt I don't have the energy anymore. Oh and don't get me started on the food cravings.. I love coke but I don't drink it when I'm "normal" and drink water instead, the healthier choice. But Noooo craving kicks in and its Coke and Chocolates all the way!! Oh another thing I become OVER emotional, I cry six to 10 times a day and I'm not talking about 1 tear no I mean cry your eyes out kind of tears. Look how pathetic I cried over a dog advert and the bitching bitch of it is I HATE DOGS!!

Now don't tell me why didn't you find a solution because I've tried and the only solution is that I go on contraceptive pills (which cause hair loss and so many other negative symptoms). So I refuse this option .. I take Primrose Oil tablets to ease the pain they help by 10% which in my case that's ALOT! Also Camomile tea helps but I don't drink it that much.

Please God I am tried, I'm tired of the mood swings, EXTREME ANGER, short temper, depression, constant crying, body aches, head aches, sore body, cramps, and everything else that comes with it wala ta3abt I can't handle it anymore :(


Anonymous said...


:::ShoSho::: said...

Aweee this is soo annoying 7abibti I don't know what to do to make you feel better, i know i can\t.. :( But what is this, you get 1 week feeling good?! This SUCKS!

suspic said...

Shiiit. =O

..and we thought puberty was tough.

FourMe said...

Thanx.. even though I don't hug strangers.. but what the hell *FourMe Hugs Anon* Keep your hands where I can see them!


The thought counts thanx hun. yup 1 flipping week that's all I get and people wonder why I'm so mean!


Mate you wouldn't be able to stand an hour in my shoes!

Crazed Man in Tattered Robes and Straw Sandals said...

Getting abdominal cramps (ab pops out of it's place/socket due to having a hernia, bulges/enlarges and hurts a lot and won't go in unless pushed back inside or if you stretch for a long time until it falls back into place anytime while laughing or moving in a certain angle) is worse I think

Hasan.B said...

This must be difficult.
When were you diagnosed with PMDD? If you do not mind me asking. Etha it is that severe, maybe you should discuss using Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) they help in the reduction of emotional, as well as physical symptoms, of PMS and PMDD.
aw maybe Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists with an add back therapy to reduce il side effects of them. Maybe I am bubbling but I think they do help, bes 6b3n your doctor knows more. Hope you get better soon

P.S sorry for commenting in a women's blog!

FourMe said...

crazed man:
First: Ewwwwwwwwwww
Second: I'm talking about premenstrual cycle cramps not that horrifing stuff you just mentioned! but thanx for the mental picture..


I wish it was just difficult cuz that would be easy. About the diagnose it was around May, the doc says it's cause I have a polysistic ovary. anyhows I'm switching doc so lets hope the new 1 knows what he's doing.

p.s. It was just an observation :p I was kidding don't take offence my fellow Englishman

Hasan.B said...

Non taking. Lets just hope you get better soon

FourMe said...

I really doubt it.. I lost hope in this matter..

Hopeless Poet said...

So I guess there's no wonder why heavens lie beneath mothers' feet!

Glitter said...

I'm afraid to even say this, so don't hurt me, bs

Lala* said...

Oh 7abeebti, that's HELL :"(
I hope the other doctor can fix this inshaAllah..

And GLITTER yal MYNo0na,
you don't suffer while PMSing-->Yaaay !!
But show the girl some sympathy here!!

Yara said...

im truly sorry that u go through this.. i really hope theres a cure..Men couldnt handle this every month :/
Im not sure but i think my mom had the same.. when she was younger she used to be hospitalized bcoz of it.. imagine that every single month.. but after having her first child it just went away just like that

Shoush said...

*HUG* Am so sorry u hav to go thru this! Inshala ya Rab all the pain goes away soon! :*

Yes, u shud definitely get another opinion! Oo 6amneena 3alaich! Good luck babe, inshala ur new doc with suggest something to ease it all. :*

Shoush said...

with = will**

greyshorts said...

I keep hearing everybody around me rave about something called ' CATAFLAM' ( i think ? ) and how if you use it the pain just goes away but i haven't tried it so try it out . It's not in Kuwait by the way .

eshda3wa said...

and that is why u will go to heaven

Amethyst said...

I love you!

I'm linking the inconsiderate male population to this, so that they understand (which I secretly doubt they will).

3baid said...

Try to stay fit. It's been said that exercising puts you in better control of your body. Yeah, maybe that'll help. Good luck!

..::Amu::.. said...

Anonymous is not me...I just hope you get well soon!!

Big Pearls said...

May god be with you, I PMS some months and offff it's really annoying,,I start crying about silly things and feel bloated

FourMe said...

hopeless poet:
Yup..I'm guessing child birth what gets them into heaven.


YOU ^%##^&*^%%$####$%^&****^%%$# !!


I hope so too..

sheftay shlon Glitteroo et7irny :(


Thank u honey.. nice to see you back here :) ya right they can't handle it for a day mo ba3ad month.

Waay alah y3eenha she must of gone through hell..everyone tells me after you have a kid it would get better.

FourMe said...

*HUGS* alah yesma3 minich .. thank you sweetie :* so far I got more thn 3 opinions and all the same lets hope the new one is different


they do have it in kuwait. I tried it didn't do anything for me at all.. They usually take it when the thingy starts. I take Feminax its english medicine without it I would die because for the first 2 days I can't even walk from the pain :) been talking that med for the past 14yrs ..


alah yesma3 minich ameeeeen .. oh add to it 14 years of migrains :D


ohh you're so sweet :*
let them see the pain we go through yemkin ey7soon eshway 3ama eb 3ainhom :(


Maybe works for some other girls but not me unfortunately.. and so far my body is fit so that's not the reason .. thanx :)


thank you..zaydeen 3indy elAnon's hal yomain ..


big pearls:
thank you hun .. try Primrose oil tablets they are made from natural herbs no chemicals and reallly good for regular pms..

um-miT3ib said...

ana mo bs PMDD


wath3e inti7ary !

oh oh .. i3jibatny ungrateful buggers:P im gonnaa use it;p

w chocolate companies doubled their profit miny :P

FourMe said...

Join the club darling.. they truly are ungrateful, use it and abuse it hun its all yours..