Saturday, 29 March 2008

Son of a Birdies!!

*FourMe grabs her rifle kicks the garden door open aims and SHOOTS reloads aims and SHOOTS again* DIIEE DIIEEEEEE you Mother F*^!*^+!!

I'm pissed, angry, frustrated, agitated, and fucking ANNOYED!! For the past 5 months I've been suffering like hell on a daily basis. Just outside my garden there is a big ass tree in the neighbours garden and there are 2 mother flipping birds that sit or live (or whatever the fuck they do) there. Their daily ritual is to start fucking singing chirping or pissing from 12am till 7 am. I'm a light sleeper plus the bedroom window looks into the garden so all their fucking chirping is quite crystal clear and loud. So my daily routine has become endless of hours of twisting and turning in bed till the sons of a bitches shut it at 7 am so I can fuckin sleep. They never shut the fuck up its continuous for 7 hours non stop!! Every single day on the hour every hour FOR PETE'S SAKE SHUT THE FUCK UP!! Or I'll climb up the bitching tree and shove my foot up your minute arses you dumb friggin cows!

I know 7azat 9alat elfayir birds start chirping w ysab7on bs mo ely 3indy! Ya3ni ay 9alat takes 7 hours?!? Alaah ma yertha ro7moony bamoot abi anaam ya mani gaylaa ................

My life's mission is to assassinate every god damn birdy out there !


Big Pearls said...

poor birdies:(

FourMe said...

big pearls:
POOR BIRDIES!!!!! how about poor ME!?

OutOfReach said...

lol the hated is connected I guess :P
Poor you :D

Amethyst said...

Way3a! And I thought our neighbor's dog was annoying!

The Criticizer said...

Whoa! Temper temper!!!

Ok ok I will assist you ...

*fetches his rifle*

You go left and I go right, and when I give you the sign WEE ATTTAAAACCKKK!!!!11one...

suspic said...

You're weak.

I would've either poisoned them, made them target practice, or bought a naba6a and had fun.

Chop the whole damn tree with your hands.

Grow a pair, woman. =O

FourMe said...

ya I thought so :/ yes poooor me I need sleeep


I'll trade you my birdies with your neighbours dog anytime.


the criticizer:
Man 5 months of torture and you say Temper! Plz doooo I wanna kill the flipping noise making pieces of crap.

*Move out of the way Boy. Takes out her Bazooka and Fires at the damned tree* Let the whole thing burn that's the only solution.


You think if the fuckers are within reach I wouldn't of torn them to pieces by now!! But the friggin tree is massive.. Animal cruelty law in England is strict if someone sees me hittin them with the naba6a I'll be jailed! If I'm guaranteed their death I would so do IT!

Oh trust me I have a pair and mine is far larger thn most men around :)

G and L said...

i a hungry cat thats capable of climbing up trees. that way you wont be accused of being a birdie killer and they'll just say oh its just nature and the food cycle. then get rid of the cat and every1s happy. No?

eshda3wa said...

u got nucturnal birds wa3alaya

it tell u khalay eg6awat elfereej yetwaloonhum
bs adre g6awatna are lazy oo shab3aneen

birds have short life spans
so take comfort in that

Hasan.B said...

Ma hatha! You remind me of a friend he lives somewhere near hollands park, and he says its very quiet until the birds start "cussing"!! Maybe you should form an alliance! Born to kill. A nice name, shtaboun b3d!

FourMe said...

g and l:
love how your brain functions :*


ya 3alhom el3ila golaay ameen.. how short are we talking about ?! today tomorrow, I can't take it much longer


ya mar7aba ya mar7baa nawaart my fellow Englishman..

Man I knew it, it's all these damn trees around this area.. killing will not do them justice, Born to Mutilate maybe, has a nice ring to it.

Chirp said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL 7imday rabich!!! our neighbors had a FREAKIN ZOO! I swear they had pigeons and chickens and dogs .. their rooster crowed (is that how u spell it) all night long oo their dogs bark like crazy. THank GOD for the new baladiya rules cuz they forced them to move it!

I know how u feeeeeeeel i will assist uuuu :P bas re7may my kind (chirping things) :P
I call my friend birdi ... CHIRPing! hehe :P

FourMe said...

You're a chirpper get out before I shoot you too :P

trust me I know about the spasticated roosters in Kuwait crowing in the mid of the day.. I suffer from them too back there :/

Anonymous said...

u know, if Pheobe in 'Friends' was ur girlfriend, she'd dump u ;Pp

FourMe said...

hehehheh is it weird that I exactly know which episode of friends you're talking about! well its my latest obsession.. anyhows if Phoebe was in my situation trust me she would want to kill them idiotic birdies that i have.