Sunday, 2 March 2008

Readers Choice

By Popular demand the topics will be posted in the following order:

1.Things I'm hating -- You're a loving bunch of ppl :p
2.Men -- Topic for over 18's only.
5.Football :( -- You people don't know how to appreciate good skills

Listen Up People!

I have so many things in this head of mine I want to blabber about. But I don't know where to start from. So I'm giving you the choice to decide. Here goes the topics:

1. Men - Controversial Topic :p

2. Women

3. Things I'm hating

4. FoooooooooooooootBall

5. London

Emmmm that's it for now. So vote on which you want to read about and if you're like me and have toO much time on your hand put them in order of which you would like to see sooner rather than later

Much Appreciated..


:::ShoSho::: said...

I vote for London and football..

Enough men, maleeena minhom O their topics.. let us rest for a minute lol!

Anonymous said...

1. things ur hating
2. women
3. london
4. men
5. football

:::ShoSho::: said...

But will you do my tag first? *Blushes*

:::ShoSho::: said...

Man that anon is sooo fast!

..::Amu::.. said...

Things you are hating....

btw I am not the anon ny more!!

Lala* said...

1. things u're hating
2. men
3. women
4. london
5. football


FourMe said...

DAAAAMN you ppl are fast!!!


heheh la 9adgeeny hal topic shway interesting bs not for the faint hearted :p

1. You :P

mabii mabiiiii ;(

Big time the dude / dudete is SuperAnon :p Defiantly stalker material

Glitter said...

I second Lala,
she totally read my mind!

zwena said...

i second lala*

FourMe said...

PPL SLOW DOWN! hhehehhe maymdeeni I write a comment ela I find new comments

Again YOU! :p


*hugs lala - feeni fagir 7anaan*

FourMe said...

Screw this I GIVE UP !

loooooooool I'm not commenting mo gadra al7aag 3alaikom hehehhe

Glitter said...

HaHaHa @ Ano !

Anonymous said...

:| why u hate me :|

khalas yupa me leave :'(

*anon disappearing with a tear*

Glitter said...

Gosh, U're really popular, I give you that!

*giving u ta7iya 3askariya*

:::ShoSho::: said...

LOL tonight is your night looooool

So you have 2 anon, one is Amu??

I want my stalker *crying* loooooool

Hey, about the tag, just do it (as Nike would!) looool

Glitter said...

Oh Ano come back,
bla 7arakaaat drama..
It's no fun without you, who am i gonna tease now?

Glitter said...

Don't beg her! khalas, i'll do it instead :P

Anonymous said...


*anon comes running*

al7een bashawetkom kilkom :@ .. 3a6o fourme some space to write

shrayech feni (A)

Anonymous said...

i apolozies for ashawetkom .. shakla i bumped into a wall from running fast

i dont know how to delete it .. so im sorry ;$

*waiting in shame*

FourMe said...

inshala , it seems the popular choice

Lala tends to always make the right choice (apart from not liking the berkin bag !!)

shaklich entay w Anon btaglboon el blog 7athanaa :p
*Salutes Glitter Back* hehehe mo minhom min eshog wil walaah laish hadet'hom esboo3 :P


La youba entay ely dasha w e7na ily 6al3een ;)
Just NO kicking and No fali3ing the bloggers plz :p

la t7awleeen I won't do it :( You didn't think of me from the begining :p
Tabeen asalfich stalker ? 3indy athnain wa7id male o wa7da female 6obay w tkhayeraay

zwena said...

Anon .. if u think a little before commenting u'll have less shame and sorry moments :P

Anonymous said...

ma afla3 a7ad ;$ . bs glitter latdosli 3ala 6araf .. wala ana kent sh7alate la 7es wala khabar ;p

im gona be quiee till u finish blabbering ;p

FourMe said...


Seeing I have 2 ANONYMOUS so I would really appreciate it when your commenting you would identify yourself as
AM- Anonymous Male
AF- Anonymous Female

So mat9eer esalfa 7osaa ;)

:::ShoSho::: said...

*Sitting in the corner of FourMe's Blog feeling sad*

Hasan.B said...

Football. Women if it is something bad about them!

eshda3wa said...

my vote goes to
things ur hating

FourMe said...

Go sit in the far left corner o la et7arshain ba7ad.. laa mo elcorner ely ga3da fy ShoSho elcorner ely yamha :p
Oh and NO KICKING allowed!

Entay g3day far left corner opposite to Anon and hand over all your sharp objects .. adri feech et7been et7athfeen :p

*FourMe hands shosho couple of bunnies to keep her company*

I've been lazy with the football posts but I promise many to come ... 3ala golat el3am Bob Marley No Woman No Cry ;)

It seems the popular choice so far ..

Big Pearls said...

I vote for London and the things you hate!
No more men..bas kafi kafi..lool! *wa7da met3agda*

N. said...

I vote for the men topic.

falantan said...

While you're in London and in such a bad mood apparently,

Go see Avenue Q!

if you haven't seen it already.

and I'm against this man-hating :P

Hopeless Poet said...

Things you are hating and women :P

Soul said...

things u hate
no football plz ;PpPp

Yara said...

London :) coz im seriously considering doing my masters there

Anonymous said...

*ticking her fingers on the ground ans waiting impatiently*

*waves for glitter*

AF ;p

greyshorts said...

Things you hate cuz i love lists .

Kaileena said...


FourMe said...

big pearls:
hehehe all of met3aqdeen mo bs entay :p

me too ;)

What it shows that I'm cranky :p
The men topic is not about hating its about a specific topic that all men Lie about :)

hopeless poet:
I thought you said you didn't read the last women post :P


Seems like London is 3rd on the list so far :/ You really really should its the perfect place for it.. I believe every person should live in London for a period of time to really experience the diversity

Hate seems to be popular these days .. we're a happy bunch aren't we :)

Woho0o London is getting more votes :)

Sheftay sheftay entay ely et7rshain eb Glitter!

*FourMe takes her tea cup and throws it AF* Ohh I meant to give it to you not throw it :D

Anonymous said...

:| since when waving Hi became te7eresh! ;(

mo kafe 7a6atna kil wa7da eb zawya ;p

tea! alah! sank you ;$

yalla 3ad ketbay !


Amethyst said...

1. Men
2. Women
3. Things your hating
4. London
5. Football


OutOfReach said...

women :D

Rhombus Tigress said...


FourMe said...

Anon AF:
heheh entay mo shayfa eldos ely 9ayir ehny :P ppl are still voting.
emga3dtkom kil wa7da eb9ob cuz mabi tkmish w tshwit .. khalas you're free to move around..

;) shakli baksir feehom o write the men's post first

women are taking 3rd place :/

rhombus tigress
ekhty 7adich dasha 3arth :p
London post is kinda about food.

Oranjina fadidra said...

1. men
2. things u're hating
3. football
4. london
5. women

Anonymous said...

when will you start ??? ;p

FourMe said...

abii 7anaa akthaar min chethy :p

:::ShoSho::: said...

LoL I ate all the bunnies in about 5 days, about 70 .. Geez that is too much I realized!!