Friday, 14 March 2008

On A Lighter Note

*Asscher cut Diamond Graff Ring

As some of you know by now that I tend to listen to the radio a lot. Elmohim listen to this funny story that I heard on the radio today:

A man was planning on proposing to his girlfriend today, he bought a £6,000 diamond ring and hid it in a Balloon. (So far So Good) He arranged to meet his wife-to-be in the underground station (reasons unknown, probably she was coming into town via the underground). Note: In London there are undergrounds that are above lower ground level and are in open air.

As waiting for his beloved to arrive a gust of wind blew the balloon AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man follows the balloon for 2 hours on foot while it's high in the sky... After he lost sight of it he tells his girlfriend what had happened and the girlfriend STOPS talking to him!!!!

Now ya 7maaar ako wa7id ey7i6 diamond ring in a flipping BALLOOOOOOOON while London is going through a freak wind storm?!??!?!


Justified Destiny said...

haha! i swear thats what men get for tryina come up with these supposedly amazing surprise ideas..

Hasan.B said...

If only that balloon would have a last stop at my apartment! Obviously it is to sell the damn ring and NOT in any way wearing it!!

:::ShoSho::: said...

sij sij e7maaaaaar!!!

lol! Bas haram kisar kha6ri..

Graff are working on their shop here.. they are going to open..

Amethyst said...

LOL! The stupidity of men..

Big Pearls said...

OMG..a lucky person will get that ring !

NoNoWa said...


He tried to be all romantic- but it got all blown to hell- literally!!!

um-miT3ib said...

wa3alaaya !!!!!!!

TOUCHE' said...

Stopped talking to him!!!!

What kind of reaction is that!!! The guy was trying so hard to come up with something genuine to impress her and he was going to PROPOSE!! She can’t handle a small flop and immediately acts stupidly. Couldn't she cherish the good sweet intentions.

Hasan.B said...

Touche, can you imagine what would his "sweet intentions" do to their marriage?!

Fastidious Babe said...

hey, he was love struck.. lol

btw.. asscher cut is my absolute favorite xD

eshda3wa said...

my god
9ij ghabeee

suspic said...

Dear god..

walla kilma w7da t3bir o ehya "j7ood". 9ij 7rem, tgolon 3na stupid o ehya t'hida o elryal kan ybe yitzwjha..

walla mo kafo. =O

FourMe said...

justified destiny:
so true the moron forgot to use logic and commen sense on that day!


heheh you scared me there for a second , thought with all the girl hanging you might of wanted to see how the rock looks on your fingers :p


eho bas 7maar ela goo6y.. adri 3awar galbi ya3ni sej ghabi bs 7aram he was trying to impress her




Big pearls:
Imagine a woman finds it!! But I think the ballon will pop and the ring will fall on the ground and a pigeon will try to eat it and choke on it :)


hheheheheh I know. I don't know whether to laugh or get pissed at his stupidity!

FourMe said...

ela 3ama eb 3aina sheno ghabii !


So the man of the hour Finally decides to grace my blog with his presences! Btw I'm still waiting on your reply regarding the controversial post..

Honey the great sweet intention doesn't shine on her finger!! She can't stick the intention in all her gf's faces and say see it and weep!!

True the intentions are sweet and he should of gotten credit for it but thn losing a 6,000 diamond ring is DAMN STUPID and what's worse is sticking it in a damn Balloon!!


fastidious babe:
No he was Dumb struck!
Loving your taste ;)


ghabii is an understatement .. athwaaal maybe , moron yes


the woman wants the RING. in couple of years he'll look crap and probably treat her vrap but the ring will always stay beautiful and make her feel like a princess..

Diamonds Are a Girls BestFriend