Saturday, 8 March 2008

Liar Liar Pants on Fire (Part 2)

Q: What is the one thing that 99.9% of men Lie about?

A: Watching Porn!

Now let's get something clear from the get go. This isn't a post where I will tolerate rude or disrespectful comments. So don't even bother. I'm asking legitimate questions and wanting legitimate answers.

Ok you might think FourMe what the hell are you on about?!? To be honest this matter puzzles me. Why do men watch it and deny it ??! Note the majority deny watching it when asked by a Woman BUT when asked by a Man they admit it and boast about it.

Pornography or porn is the explicit depiction of sexual subject matter, especially with the sole intention of sexually exciting the viewer.

It is wrong on SO many levels that I don't even know where to begin from. Most men deny it but sweetheart's 99.9% of them do watch it whether in the form of movies, photo's, magazine's, animation(sicko's), or through blogs!

*From a religious perspective - Does it fall under ' qthaw elba9ar' ? It is beyond 7aram and every time you see a woman/man private parts its counted as 'ethim'. So you do the math! Watching 10min of porn is causing you unlimited amount of sins! So is it really worth it?

*I don't understand why men watch it . Some say it is to release sexual tension others say it's for the mere pleasure of watching others engage in fantasies that they could not fulfil themselves.

*I might be able to understand why a single man "virgin" watching it, giving him the benefit of the doubt saying it is a form of fulfilling his sexual deprivation. The single man who's already getting laid and still watching it?! What's your excuse?

*I can never understand why married men watch it!! Sharhety 3ala elmetzawij ely 3inda mara!! ya3ni hal ebgara ely tnam yamik tali elail esh faydat'ha .. I'm sure she's not a side table or a bedside lamp! Some will argue their wives won't give them the time of the day! I say Bull Shit! A woman has needs just like a man.. The married man what's your excuse?

* Watching excessive pornography is actually considered a psychological illness.
* It's a magical topic because it is astonishing how almost every man that watches pornography Lie's about watching it.

My question to the Men who watch it:
Are you ashamed ?
Are you embarrassed?
Are you disgusted with yourself?
What is exactly your excuse for watching it and denying it ??!?!?? Be a MAN and admit IT!

I would love to have 1 MAN commenting admitting to watching it and giving an "acceptable" reason for doing so. (Under his blogging name not anonymous)

Note: As this topic might be sensitive for some women and men to comment about so feel free to comment under Anonymous.

p.s. for clarification, identify your gender when commenting.


Hasan.B said...

LOL! One of the funniest posts, not just because of the post itself, bes all the anticipation awaiting and akher shay BOOM! o " Be a MAN and admit IT!" reminded me of russell peters

This Lady said...

note hasan.b did not answer the q! LOOL i'm being mean.

I heard that most guys watch porn, but not 99.9% wow that's scary!

Btw, I also heard that some girls also like it. Although, MUCH less than the guys. What's ur view on that?

Anonymous said...

well believe it or not my man acctually tells me that he watches porn and he mentions it if he watched it on this day or not .. so i guess he's one of the 0.1% that dont lie :p

Anonymous said...

loool the men have to answer ,, what should the ladies do ? :P

etha ely yama bgara maybe mayenlam :P .. lool j/k

bs 99.9% walah scary.. i thought bara wayed aw 3ade .. bs in kuwait ?? :|

FourMe said...

Loving the diplomatic comment without discussing the topic itself ;)
Just watched it loool reminds me of other comedian I'll post his stuff soon.

this lady:
I know I know he's being diplomatic about it :p
Got the statistics of the radio, they where talking about some study done asking men worldwide if they admitted to it.

Yup it's a growing thing but I think(my opinion)is that it's only becoming so popular with Arabic girls the Western girls are still off it.

I think it's worse thn men watching it because men are driven by their sexual urge which is far less with females. I think it is absolutely unjustifiable for a woman to watch it. Not only it's wrong it's degrading women and portraying them as sexual objects.

CONGRATS you hit the jackpot lool

The ladies should give their opnion about the matter and if they find men watching it offensive or acceptable.
No one held a gun to his head and told him to marry the bgara :p

In Kuwait it would be 200% lol, high percentage of Kuwaiti men are sex addicts :p

greyshorts said...

Ya3ni u don't want us to have sex o b3ad we can't watch porn - 7ram 3laikom ya naaas . 'LEAVE PORN ALONE'

Glitter said...

My man didn't lie abt this either.

He told me he used to watch porn occasionally when he was abroad.

Once, when we travelling, he begged me to watch it with him on hotel cable tv!!

I haven't seen anything like that before and I was horrified!!

It is 7aram, and i regret watching this 10 seconds with him!!

:::ShoSho::: said...

LoL didn't see that one coming!!!

FourMe said...

Ya bnayaa 7araaam nothing in this world is worth burning in hell for! Couple of minutes of pleasure or eternal damnasion?!

ba3ad shnsawy nan6ir elfaraaj w ra7mat alaah ;)

Honey if he watches it abroad he watches at home too! that's the 1st lie No Offence(I'm not accusing your husband of anything just an opinion).

Ygoolich enadam no3 min elstghfaar. If you regret watching it and swear you'll never watch it again, you would be forgiven for it.



TOUCHE' said...

You are the one who had hit the jack pot with this post.

It is amusing, I mean I had a mental spectrum of people I know who watch/used to watch porn and it was funny as hell. I've been officially entertained (apologies, I know it is a serious topic but can't I couldn't resist) :)

And that was the perfect phrase "Be a MAN and admit it" Girl you know how to push the right buttons to click a man's vanity. I could imagine many provoked and fighting the temptation to comment and not actually lie about it. You got to love the irony, it is hilarious.

First, there are things that you should have been clearer about. You had to define watching pornography, do you mean seeking pornography whenever there is a chance to it? or not turning the face away when it presents itself accidentally?

Are you concerned with those who are still watching it? or used to?

Ok, let's get dirty.

Yes, I used to watch it, I admit it. And by watching I mean seeking those infamous video tapes (CDs and DVDs weren't there at the time)

Is it shameful? Yes. If so then why guys do it? Well it's a big question mark.

It is sinful and yes we know that, but when a guy is actually heavily involved in porn, he isn't in his right state of mind, so don't expect any logical answer under those circumstances when rationality flees from the window.

Why do we do watch it? I don't think that I truly know the answer for that. Hitting puberty and discovering new feelings and actually experiencing new emotions is the first stage.

Disgusted? Girl talk about self blame and guilt, those are much harsh emotions that totally put you into misery.

Simple answer for those who are insisting in watching porn (I believe it's about %10 only and not %99.9), it is addiction

The main point, are you sure that statistic is about lying about watching porn or is it about watching porn? I bet that percentage is more related to those who watched porn for at least once in their life time.

You want to hear the fact, I don't think that guys watch porn excessively anymore, they are into sexual relations easily nowadays not as hard as it used to be. Sad but true.

What actually happens nowadays is that porn is passed through mobiles and guys watch it not for the sake to get turned on, it's more like watching something eccentric and not for the fantasy joy.

Guys watch porn till they reach their early twenties and then it means nothing and doesn't feel anything anymore. More like watching a rerun from a dull sitcom.


I wish I commented as anonymous to elaborate more but this is as far as I can go.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am mistaken, but I recall reading about a random stranger grabbing you and kissing you out of the blue in some foreign country. You didn't seem to have a problem, especially since you posted about it. But someone with no other means of discarding this disgusting urge, it's 7aram but making out with a random stranger isnt? Again, if this wasnt you but some other blogger, then please ignore this section of my comment.

In regards to your question, some do it to relieve this tension. Imagine being hungry, you eat to end your hunger which is an urge. The same applies here, men have this urge that is much stronger than a woman's urge.

It's instinctual, it's natural, it's part of us. I despise porn and I always regret watching it but sometimes, the urge just gets a hold of me and won't stop increasing, it's the bane of man.


eshda3wa said...

i just dont get why anyone would watch two strangers having sex..

it just doesnt make any sense to me

FourMe said...

Glad I was of service..Apology accepted :)

Thought that phrase might give them the push they need to get out from under their shells and finally admit it ;) Once a man is being challenged by a 'woman' he tends to drop the towel and reveal all.Dare I say (so far) You're the only man that stepped up to the challenge!

Hats off to you :)

"Presents it self accidentally" now you're the one who's amusing me ;) Change the channel or look away would be the solution to when pornography presents itself. I meant the pornography seeker's, the one's that go the extra mile for it i.e. searching for it online, or unblocking channels just for the sake of it, or sending multiple emails back and forth between their friends.

Concerned with all, used to watch it and still watching it. I want to know what poses them to do so, you could say I want to pick a man's brain on this matter.

Let's rumble.

Hallelujah Praise the Lord I got a Man to admit it :) *FourMe is on Cloud Nine*

No no I'm not going to settle for "it's a big question mark" you must know why if you were doing it. Following a trend? Lack of sexual encounters? Don't beat around the bush you must know why some where deep in your mind and I'd like to know that answer please. I would like a straight forward answer stating "Yes I watch/ used to watch porn because.........."

The stat's was about men lying when asked if they watch or watched porn. To be honest I believe that percentage to be accurate. Not belittling the male gender but I believe they turn into cowards when asked about such matters.

My dear friend you are mistaken. Men who are single, involved, and married still watch porn. True they have moved onto the meaningless sexual relations just in order to fulfil such urges but at the end of the day they return to their beloved pornography.

Again you are mistaken if it means nothing after the age of 20+ why do they still seek it why try to find it why etc. the list goes on. Be logical no one searches for the dull rerun if they weren't enjoying it. There must be some sort of excitement seeing men in their 50's and 60's watch porn and don't tell me that because of the old age they can't get any.

p.s. Waiting for the straight forward answer so I can officially dub you as the "Man of the Year"

Soul said...

*na6ra el faraj o ra7mat rab el 3alameen m3a fourme* ;p

النظر الى المحرمات يؤدي إلى

1- فساد القلب
2- نسيان العلم
3- نزول البلاء
4- إبطال الطاعات
5- الاحساس بالهم وضيقة الصدر

قال تعالى: " قُل لِّلْمُؤْمِنِينَ يَغُضُّوا مِنْ أَبْصَارِهِمْ وَيَحْفَظُوا فُرُوجَهُمْ ذَلِكَ أَزْكَى لَهُمْ إِنَّ اللَّهَ خَبِيرٌ بِمَا يَصْنَعُونَ (30) وَقُل لِّلْمُؤْمِنَاتِ يَغْضُضْنَ مِنْ أَبْصَارِهِنَّ وَيَحْفَظْنَ فُرُوجَهُنَّ..." [النور:31،30].

صدق الله العظيم

FourMe said...

Anonymous 3:
CORRECTION THAT WAS NOT ME!! I would appreciate that you would check your facts before accusing me of such careless actions!! I can't ignore an accusation that easily when I would never in a million years do such thing! AGAIN double check on your accusations before firing away!

So you're telling me the only way to fulfil your urge is by committing a sin? I don't think when god created us he had in mind to give us the urge that can only be fulfilled through a sinful action.

I don't deny the fact that men have a stronger urge but at the end of the day are you suggesting that if this urge is not fulfilled by these pornographic materials it would lead men to salvaging the streets to fulfil their urge?! Has the human race turned into the animal world?

No it is certainly not natural and no where near it. Don't justify your actions by calling them normal and natural. Explain the norm that justifies you watching a man and woman engaging into a sexual relation!

Same here on the contrary I find it to be offensive and disgusting.

Sweetheart it seems like it's going to be a loooooooooong wait :p

w ne3ma billaah.. I wanted to add this ayaa to the post but thn I changed my mind because I knew people would say you're solely taking everything from a religious point of view and I am not. I am trying to understand the reason and logic between the whole matter of watching it and denying it.

Hamitaf La B said...

Aaaaaaaaah the disturbing world of porn... mara I was downloading an episode of the O.C. and it turned out to be animated porn... WTF!!!
And mara I was downloading an episode of Cashmere mafia... but this time it was real people...

Honestly... I know girls who watch it... just to crack up...

about the men watching it... kel wa7d kayfa I guess.. ohwa oo raba.. same goes to the girls... its a matter of eltizam and conscious.... whether your man admits to watching it or not... Do you really wanna know... its bad enough ohwa shay elawe3 el chabd... do you really wanna know that your hubby is watching something gross...?

Ooo etha bogat 3ala bs them watching porn.... ooooooh all the other 7aram things that we are doing un-intentionally...

I dun think I made a valid point... oh well.. I said what was going on in my mind eh!

..::Amu::.. said...

I second eshda3wa.... that has always been my thinking too on this topic!!!

The first and last time I watched it was in 1997 with school friends...after 5 seconds I was out of the room and no way I ever watched it again!!

its the same for me like night club!! I just hate the idea behind it that few group of people get drunk and start acting all shitty that they don't even know their acts!!

Big Pearls said...

I am too shocked to say anything, lool:s

Big Pearls said...

Ok, I am over the shock now. I've heard a guy saying that he watches porn to learn!! I wonder what kind of learning is that??!!

Amethyst said...

I disrespect porn.

I never wondered why men watched porn sara7a.. Kaifhum, it's just one more thing y6aye7hum mn 3ainy zyada;p

Desert-Roses said...

Well, I know that most of men do admit that they had done it b4...

but watching it for pleasure??

I don't know :P

Lala* said...


FourMe said...

hamitaf la b:
Ewwww that's sick!! That's why I always check the comments that other people left before downloading stuff.

They might do it once just for a laugh but if they do it more then that than they are just as bad as the men.

True kil wa7id kaifa I'm not trying to to convince anyone to stop it I'm just trying to understand why they watch it and deny it.

Hell yes I would want to know what my husband gets up to if I was married. If he results to watching porn than that means there is something wrong that made him turn to porn . Today porn tomorrow cheating and the marriage goes downhill.

I'm with you on that we do so many things that wrong from a religious perspective. When I started discussing this matter I only pointed out that it is wrong. I'm not the right person to preach all the right and wrongs we do because I sin just as much the next person.

p.s. loving the reverse name thing :)

That means these question's don't apply to you.. Its refreshing to see some men abstaining from watching pornography. keep it up.

big pearls:
hehehehe didn't mean too .. bs esalfa etgargi3 ebgalbi w mayta abi a3arf laish they do it but don't admit it!!!

loool maybe he needs the revision before the practical test :p See what I mean, even if they admit it they give crappy excuses.. Damn it Be MEN and ADMIT IT!!!!!

On which planet?? Where are these "men" you're talking about?? Send me one so I can get a straight answer from him :P
What else are they going to watch it for Revision ?? heheh

Seems like you still didn't get over your shock.. be like Pearls and get over it and give me your opinion.. you know I value it.. btw how are my questions coming along?? ;)

Hamitaf La B said...

you know.. now a days in movies .. they make it seem like porn is such a 3adee thing you know... ooh its a man thing to watch it or whatever... so maybe that's why they watch it... a maaan thing...
and we watch a loy of movies and maybe thats why people feel 3aaadeeeee..

i still dont know if i would want to know if my other half was watching it.. but iguess ur right about the s/thing wrong in th relationship!!

P.S. thaaank you :)

Hasan.B said...

We just got this from our reporter:

Men are marching down the streets asking "fourme" to write a new post and end this debate! Signs such as "Down with this post" are being lifted:P

Bombay Bombshell said...

I think it is highly offensive, especially if the man Im married too watches porn :I what message is that supposed to send? Many claim wallah mala sheghel, they just enjoy fantasizing.. but no, its all the same.I honestly think it could be considered as a form of cheating.

FourMe said...

hamitaf la b:
If we let men have everything they want as a 'man thing' the world wouldn't function, they would sit in front of the tv watching porn and sports with a bucket of KFC in their hands :p

loool I cant end the debate till 1 man steps up to the plate and gives me a straight forward answer! Touche' did but I'm still waiting for his final answer..

heheh u made me laugh ;) thnx

bombay bombshell:
Thaaaaaaaaank you !! I consider it as cheating too but many would say no you're closed minded. I don't care if a man is in a relationship or marriage it should be considered as cheating Full STOP!

Lala* said...

that post still ?!!!


Oh and don't hold ur breath. The surprise is over, and i'll never be the first one who tagged you :-(

Anonymous said...

yes i used to watch porn and still do because i like it. am i ashamed? yes I am. Is it disgusting? after watching it i do feel disgusted. why did I watch it when i was in high school? part of it is due to curiosity. then once you watch it you want to watch more and more. it also helps if you are single. if a married man still watches porn, well that is just pathetic. married men usually watch it as seeking a fantasy, or wanting to watch a very hot girl looking naked. we also need to note that the mans brain is wired differently. so yes i watch porn and yes i am very ashamed

p.s i do not know hasan.b nor does he know me and this comment is in no way written by him!!!

Anonymous said...

Single men watch porn to ease the process of sexual climax when they're horny. If they don't have access to porn they would either fantasize or simply take a cold shower to make "it" go away. It's not about the porn, it's about the orgasm.

If done in small doses whenever the person is horny, then I don't see too much negativity in it, but if done a lot then the person will have a twisted vision of sex in reality.

In pornos women are hot to a professional level with the right curves and implants, so he'd think less of regular natural looking women. Plus, he'd expect the regular well raised girl to act the way a porno star would act.

It does mess up a man's mentality, but when a man's horny he's not thinking with his mind.

It should be a phase to pass through, but in most cases the men get addicted.