Thursday, 6 March 2008

Liar Liar Pants on Fire (Part 1)

Liar Liar Pants On Fire!!

As decided by you my beloved bloggers the next topic to be posted is about "MEN" !

The topic shall be divided into 2 parts: The Question and The Answer. Before I write the actual post I would like to ask you this question.

Q. What is the one thing that 99.9% of Men LIE about?

Disclaimer: Keep in mind I said 99.9% so I'm not generalizing so don't jump down my throat!


Soul said...

"come on! i don't check out other girls Butts and tits" <---the biggest lie!

men are so strange! even if u cought them red handed doing something, they would deny it and lie!!!

Hopeless Poet said...

I think their lie is when they say that they are not lying :P

greyshorts said...

One thing bas :-P

I want to marry you comes first to mind .

OutOfReach said...

I think its when they say that they dont need us women or when they say that they hate is ;P
the thing is they cant live without us but they cant admit it :P

Hasan.B said...

"Men love to lie, but they are absolutely horrible at it. Women rarely lie, but when they do, it's a story so good that it could be the basis for 100 episodes of a Spanish soap opera"

The commonest lie among men, is when they tell their spouse that they are the most beautiful! And they are forced on doing so, especially when a sexy women such as keira nightly appears on T.V o the women asks: Meno a7la? ana wela ehya? Goul ilsij!!
We would like to say: Enti shrayech?? but we usually do not.

La o fe more parts coming 3n men, and who says 99.9% is generalizing??:P

Amethyst said...

They lie about a lot of things;\

Big Pearls said...

Hmm I don't even know where to start..There's so much:p

FourMe said...

hehehe that does happen alot but nope not the answer I'm looking for. It's their pride that doesn't allow them to acknowledge that they've done something wrong specially if the one pointing out their mistake is a woman!

hopeless poet:
Very much true.. still not the answer I have in mind

I think that applies mostly to kuwaiti men :p somehow they believe that if they bring up marriage women are gonna melt .. still not the answer I'm looking for

they wouldn't be able to function without us w elmo9eeba vice versa :/ still not the answer I'm looking for

more like those mexican soap opers that go one for couple of years :p
heheh you really do have a thing for Kiera knightly don't you ;) no don't lie about it just admit it :p

hehehhe some women might be offended personally I'd like the honest reply like 'yes she looks better'

lol a 100 is generalizing but not 99.9

indeed they do..

big pearls:
So truee..

Outkasty said...

I don't know =/

G and L said...

If they are single they lie about who they really are. If they are married or in a relationship they lie about what they are really up to!!

Shoush said...

Hehe, interesting answers. Am looking forward to ur post. ;)

Oranjina fadidra said...

interesting post! never thought of that question nor the answer... hmmm upcoming post sounds fiery!

FourMe said...

You'll find out soon ..

g and l:
True and so true..and that's my dear when they become Donkey's asses!

Coming soon :)

Oran Fad:
I think it will be..

The Criticizer said...

Men don't lie. It's just women understand us the wrong way. :P

suspic said...

We lie quite often, as do you women.

Anyway, we lie to protect you. =O

"No, I did not check her out." for instance means, "yes I was, but I don't want you to feel belittled because I looked at another woman".

We mean good all the time in our simplistic ways.

FourMe said...

the criticizer:
hahahahh nice one!

true we do..

"Anyway, we lie to protect you. =O "
Just Fabulous how men manage to jusitfy their lies.. 3ashra 3ala 3ashraa :)

Simplistic you got that right ..

TOUCHE' said...

“Men lie the most BUT women tell the biggest ones” :)

:::ShoSho::: said...

Hmm, I don't think ALL men lie.. but alot do.. well, it's more like Humans like really!

:::ShoSho::: said...
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:::ShoSho::: said...

Hasan: LooL you know, I NEVER asked my husband that question and I don't GET why women do that!

*keeping note of this to warn hasan's future wife about Keira* :P

FourMe said...

We're all equal all our lies are the same! No gender lies worse than then other.

We all lie whether it's a small white lie or more serious and deceiving lies. No one is exempted from lying.

Keira 3afsa edenya :p

kella met2a5er said...

About time!!?