Wednesday, 19 March 2008

S & F Madness

I Haven't laughed this much in such a long time. Truly it was an adventure from Soul changing her clothes in public to FourMe losing her skirt and top while walking around in lingerie. Now don't think we've lost our minds and roaming the streets naked. No we're roaming the streets of Second Life naked loool.

The one in black is FourMe while the lady in white is Soul, this snapshot was taken while we were trespassing on someone's house and decided to takeover their picnic.

Now this is just No Comment hehehehee. Shefna balawy eb hal green world ;)

I suggest you all join the Second Life and join the madness..


Hamitaf La B. said...

Is this some sort of site... or were you high on ecstasy... im confused...?

suspic said...

Aww! You look like a happy couple. =O

Is this The Sims or somethin' similar?

There's a phone version, I played it on my sister's phone. My god they sure crap a lot for a computer.. =O

Amethyst said...

Me no likey;p

FourMe said...

hamitaf la b:
Its an online game but the ppl who use it call it real life from how accurate it is join it .. it's amazing and hilarious at the same time..


Yes hairy man we're the new hit couple of the town lool.. we're just 2 gals havin fun .. hhahahha in this game they don't take dumps..


trust me that's what I thought but me likey me likey

G and L said...

Lots of free time on ur hands? ;p

Soul said...

looooooooooool oh my god i haven't laughed like this in a long time too! really!! specially in the green place loooool ba3ad chabdi my partner, 9ej a funny game we invite u all to come and visit ;p

g and l trust me even if u have million things to do u will not be able to leave the game easily hehe

nQ said...

3ad we were playing second life in class a couple of weeks ago. if you pass by my professor :( put in a good word for me!

FourMe said...

g and l:
actually I shouldn't have free time but I managed to wipe out everything and created my own time..


7ashni migraine minha lool ..


now why would you be playing it in class? lol loving your prof.. min 3yoony I'll tell him to give you an F don't worry :p

Fa6ma said...

I'm gonna try it,,

FourMe said...

it's amazing you should..
when opening the account they will ask you how did you hear about the game just add this link u=a71becd45d6641f7bbd08d28b7c79b90

ohh and when you sign in give me your second life name so you can join Soul and I in our escapades :)

Soul said...

wa7da qa9at 3alay o 5arebat el game wel avator maltee :/ my name now is may stewardi forgot ur last name :/

Shoush said...

Shawagtni. I've always wanted to try it.

New Bride said...

waay wansaa i joined mn zmaan ba3deen ma kalmt 7asafa

Technogal said...

It is one of my best virtual games..I have my own job there :) and I am earning real money. You can exchange the linden dolars "Second life currency" with US dolars.

FourMe said...

join it, its great.

join again :p


wow that's so cool.. I'm still a newbie there.. would love to know more info from you..