Sunday, 2 March 2008

Hate to Hate

1. Things I'm Hating..
Where shall I start from ?! There are insignificant things that I'm hating but there are Major things that I'm hating as well..

Minor Hate Issues:

1. I hate that I'm not able to curse (I only curse in English) while writing these posts because I don't want anyone to think I'm vulgar. I'm not I just express myself better when I'm swearing! That's just part of who I am and all of you are going to have to accept it if you want to continue reading this blog!

2. I hate people calling me 'Baby' when its a term of endearment and only my soul mate has the right to call me that!

3.I have my Kuwaiti number with me and its on 24/7. What I hate is those flipping sms's being sent every hour advertising some crap that I won't ever need or purchase. As well bitching Zain sending me the number and address of the embassy here twice a day in English and Arabic!!

4. Every where you go or do people are trying to find out the real you, your name, your number, your social upbringing, your believes, your values, and the list goes on.. For the love of god if I want to keep my anonymity let me why do you want to know everything?! Regardless of the situation, I'm the type that keeps to herself and give out personal information on my own timetable not on your demand!

5. I hate Google Reader- Fine I appreciate the idea that there is something that can tell you who posted something new but I like to personally click on each blog to see if they updated it, it's more personal that way. When I deleted the post ' . . . . . ' after I wrote it by couple of hours I didn't like the rest of the world having a copy of it! It's not that I regret writing it I just wrote it in a moment of weakness (yes I admit I had my moment and I HATE IT). I just don't think it's right!

Major Hate Issues:
6. I'm hating the fact that I'm confiding in strangers (No Offence) rather thn my 'loved one'. I hate that I'm able to complain and bitch here while I don't have 1 person that I completely trust! I hate the fact that I lost trust in humanity!

7.I hate not having enough concentration to finish my dissertation.

8. I really hate the fact that I know I'm sulking and moping around . Its like I can see myself going through it but there is nothing I can do to help her :(
Note to FourMe: (I'm sorry babe but I swear there is nothing I can do to help you. You have to pick yourself up and get the fuck over it, you deserve better than this by faaaaaaaar)

9. I HATE HATE HATE that I am still madly, pathetically, head over heels in love with him! I hate it to the extant it's making me angry at myself for still being in love with him! I HATE that after each prayer I am praying to God that he removes him from my heart and makes me forget him! He's a part of my SOUL! Do you know how it feels to lose your soul?! No you don't but I do because I'm fucking empty there is nothing inside me...Its like I'm a walking zombie! I laugh and smile but its just a never ending act. . . . . I Hate IT!

10. I HATE HIM !


Soul said...

1- a7san u can't curse in Arabic! ma sheft nafs mesabaaat el kuwait ana lol!
2- ok baby la et3a9been ;p
6- same here
9&10- time will fix this believe me!
heeeeeey girlllll! stop bitching about him and go ask ur neighbour out yallaaaaa ;p

falantan said...

Alla ysahel 3alaich inshalla. sometimes I'm thankful for these problems and sicknesses simply for the reason that they remind us how much we need Him. goole il7emdella

Kaileena said...

On the bright side..the things you hate indicate that you're alive. Might not make much sense, but it's true!

..::Amu::.. said...

hatred is part of your evil life :P

ashwa that you said you hate him and not me :)

Lala* said...

Your wound is still fresh,

but i won't give you another pep talk..

You know exactly what you should do..

All I can do to help is to pray that God gives you the strength, wehawin 3laich, o yemsa7 3la gulbich..


Glitter said...

what's a google reader?

Hopeless Poet said...

I don't have anyone to call me baby now :(

Big Pearls said...

Time heals..don't worry you'll be over him one day!

Amethyst said...

I HATE #4, TOO;\

You can swear as much as you like. It's your blog!

Hasan.B said...

3- I hate that too! Very annoying, o everytime you got out of the plane o you switchyour mobile on, you know that the first msg is about the shite embassy! Tra we know its location!

5- I just knew about that yesterday, made me think twice before posting

9- You will get over it.

FourMe said...

1. they are kings of cursing hehe
6. :/
9&10: time doesn't fix anything..

el7amdila alf mara.. its just a hating session but I even thank god for the pain I am in :)

true hun alive and kicking:p it does make sense

quite the opposite :/

thank you I'm fed up of hearing them,thank you sweetie *hugs*

Its EVIL I tell you.. go to falantan's blog he explains it there.

hopeless poet:
neither do I :(
and it only means something when it's from some1 you care about.

big pearls:
but I don't want to be over him ..

I wil I will :)

FourMe said...

hasan b:
3.Its like for the love of god I've been in London longer thn their Knightsbridge location! So trust me I know where it is!!
5.I think it's the worse invention EVER!
9. Hope so..

Oranjina fadidra said...

curse your head out we don't judge weak moments ;p
and yeah love sucks,, ditch him what's wrong with being single?!

FourMe said...

I curse even when I'm happy :p
I know love sucks big time, actually I'm enjoying my "singlehood".

TOUCHE' said...

Hate is a very strong word. Once a lover is never a hater, everything is universe has to have an ounce of each opposition to maintain the balance, but love falls short and stands as the exception of the rule. Even at those moments when hate emerges the scene, time will subdue with the good memories and nourished heart again.

No one really asks to eliminate part of the soul, even if verbally we beg for it, subconsciously it isn’t the truth, the strings are tightly tied and all we can do is to pull the strings and flip it to show the bright side and old lovely memories.

Confining in strangers has always been a great heart soothing for me, no worries about being judged or having someone worried about you. Just like a strayed leaf in autumn, you see it and never actually think about it.

N. said...

This is why I didn't want the list of things you hate, negativity is all around, and I HATE negativity :p