Thursday, 20 March 2008

Botox Anyone ?

As I am getting closer to my birthday I'm becoming more aware of my age. Yes I know I'm not 60 but I always considered 27 to be the equivalent of the big THREE O. Well here is where the dilemma hits; To Botox or Not to Botox?

Last year I was in Lebanon on my birthday, during my stay there I accompanied my auntie to one of the best Cosmetic Surgeons there. I always wanted to get Botox injections because they prevent you from getting migraines for the period of six months or so (note: I've been suffering from migraines for the past 14 years so to be migraine free for 6 months is a blessing). During the hype of the visit I decided to go for it for 2 reasons: first the migraines and second I had visible lines on my forehead from all the 3agda enoona thing. The thing with botox is you should get it from the age 25 to help prevent future lines, just once that is (its a form of prevention of future wrinkles). I got it done lightly not the type ily mako facial expressions at all. After the injections I didn't get the migraines for over 8 month's and I can't explain to you how much of a relief it was.. I used to go through Ibuprofens and Panadols like I go through a box of candy.

Now b'ethin alaah I'll be turning the big Two Seven in over six weeks and I'm getting this pressing urge to get Botoxed. But this time the reasons are reversed; preventing the lines then the migraines. . Still I'm confused I don't know whether I should or shouldn't?!


Fa6ma said...

Go for it.

Big Pearls said...

I say GO FOR IT too:)

Amethyst said...


suspic said...

No no, your flaws make you perfect. It gives your face character..

..and all that man lying to woman stuff. =O

Seriously though, aging is inevitable. I vote nay, 'cause you'll make it a yearly tradition.

ManalQ8 said...

Hi dear

Happy Birthday in advance


I think
because you're feeling better now

Alhamdu Lellah

you are thinking of having the same treatment but to prevent the lines

but if there was some pain, like what you have had before, then you will be still thinking to take those injections to have normal life, and not to feel the pain again

think of it as you are taking your medication

and wish you all the best


G and L said...

Are your wrinkles that bad? If you'll feel better if u did it then go ahead, but personally i don't think it's necessary at all:/

FourMe said...

Still haven't decided


big pearls:


7ata ana madrii :/


lol you're right on the men lying stuff.. No if you get it done early won't need it for couple more years down the line.. I think I need one more time and I'll be set till early 30's


Hi hun Thank you so sweet of you :)
I'm getting the migraines again but just not as strong as before now they are bearable.. probably I could wait couple more months or so ..


g and l:
hehehe No not that bad but I liked how it looked when it was botoxed it was flipping amazing ;)

Soul said...

ne6reeni baroo7 m3aaach atfa5 5adoooodeeee abi abi abi 5doooood :/

eshda3wa said...



3ala shino mesta3yila?

:::ShoSho::: said...

walla madri shagool..

um-miT3ib said...

kilish wela migraines

botox away !

pink said...

i do it every 6 months...ppl do it all the time even on the back of there hands and feet..including men...why so scared.3adee

FourMe said...

laa ma7ib tafkh w nafkh w shaad w maad I only do botox :p


Emm madri you got a point


7ata ana :/


I know they kill.. so far I can tolrate the pain ya3ni not full blast strength so madrii..


ya I know they do it everywhere..its not a matter of being scared I just don't want to become a botox addict at the first sign of a wrinkle I make it disappear..

N. said...

I vote no, but you women.. madry. I agree with what suspic said. Besides, I'm very much against cosmetic surgery for those reasons, and others too but don't feel like typing a lot.

Grey said...

Be who you are ! Think twice , take proffessional advice :D

Shoush said...

I said don't. Wrinkles r inevitable so nothing will ever prevent their appearance. I say just 4got about botox till u actually start getting wrinkles and then consider them. But I say get a dermatological wrinkle cream. Shay 9a67i ya3ni moo mawad injected into ur face.

Shoush said...

I said = I say**

bb q8 said...

27! only? your still a kid!!
you shouldn't worry about that yet...

Oranjina fadidra said...

go for it, they say the sooner the better

FourMe said...

n. :

Its no cosmetic surgery its just a small needle. I do understand your point but at the end of the day I'm a woman and these tint things do matter to us.. And honey "Ageing Gracefully" is nothing but a myth once you start ageing you age horribly..


Its 2 minute thing, doesn't need second opinion.. they say the earlier you get it the better..


I already use the creams, anywasy every woman should from the age of 21. Botox keeps them hidden for a looong loong time :p


bb q8:

*FourMe runs to BB and hugsssssss* thank youuuu I love feeling like a kid but my (wrinkle) and grey hair beg to differ :p


O F:
You lucky thing I bet with your skin you don't have to worry about botoxing... hate you hate youuuu

Vixen said...

la go for it, 7atta law enty al7een moo mqtn3a 100% you will be thankful for it later 9ij 9ij!

This Lady said...

i say go only IF U REALLY NEED IT.

FourMe said...

I'm so tempted..


I don't need it thaaat much ..

Hamitaf La B. said...

whatever you do... do not get botox in Kuwait... you'll end up looking like that shayma'a ali chick... ugh!!

FourMe said...

lool hell no If I'm getting it done it will be in London cuz I know a really good cosmetic surgeon here. Btw there is one really good doc in kuwait as well..

prettyinpink8880 said...

this is a really old post so hopefully, you have gotten a little smarter?? Why are you asking if you should get botox after you have already done it before???what a dumb fuck you are!
Like asking if you should have sex after fucking the team? wtf?

Abby said...

Definitely go for it. I was apprehensive at first, but I have recently had Botox Birmingham and the procedure wasn't as painful as you apprehensively think and it was over really quickly! I'm amazed at the results. It's no wonder it's popular among celebrities.