Monday, 31 March 2008

Bloody Hell Not Again!

I'm tired, frustrated, body aching, and Angry...

and NoT in the mood for anything ..

give me a damn break!

PMDD has commenced..


Shoush said...

Oh. :/ Allah ysahil 3alaich inshala!

I don't know wat else to say, am sorry. :/

FourMe said...

thank you sweety..

nothing can be said I'm just complaining about it :(

um-miT3ib said...

waiih edadlich

Big Pearls said...

oooh..have rest..take a bath..go to a something:/

FourMe said...

tslmeen.. el7amdila 3ala kil 7al


big pearls:
ya rait any of those yenf3on bs mako fayda.. its ok got used to it :)

Hamitaf La B. said...

allah e3eeeenich... whatever it is.... I hope it passes by fast...!!

:::ShoSho::: said...

allah ey3eenich.. try to rest and maybe occupy yourself with reading or anything.. I don't know what helps sorry :(

..::Amu::.. said...

weee not again...I hope you recover soon!!

Hasan.B said...

P.S ignore the saudi arabia sign! And the advice about drugs:S!

NeeNy said...

Watch "The Secret" DVD

G and L said...

uuh oh..Alla ysa3dich. think happy thoughts..happy thoughts..

FourMe said...

Thank you guys and gals you're all so sweet :*

FourMe said...

loooooooooooooooooool thanx mate :)

Amethyst said...

ARGH! Allah y3eenich;*

Oranjina fadidra said...

Chillax man!

Soul said...

u sick me sad for u :(

6eebay :/

eshda3wa said...



FourMe said...

Thank you ladies :)

Anonymous said...

why cant we comment 3al post ;(

Kaileena said...

Price we pay to get the miracle of birth!

:::ShoSho::: said...

Since I can't comment on the last post.. I will have my say here..

I don't know what you have been through but I know the feeling of feeling alone and forgetting yourself while thinking of others and their problems.. I went through difficult times end of last year, and i posted about them then deleted them.. I didn't say much though since I am not anon.. but i got a bit off my chest..

and I decided to take care of myself this year, I neglected myself along the way too much i am 31 now and I have to care about me it's NOT selfish..

I didn't get anywhere yet but I hope I do soon.. i am tired of EVERYTHING and had enough!

Soul said...

call him woman!!!!!!!

call himmmmmmm

ok send an e-mail! ta7areshay! do something! why suffering!

if u r both are thinking about karama thing then u will be suffering more and more and more! why regrets and sorrow!

no matter what hapened between u 2, love is more important than ur fights and ur 3nad and kebreya2.

a woman in love can always have her man back! he's ur man!

ur man fourme! tha77ay

win ur battle

*7addi maqhoora*


Anonymous said...

7ade maqhora too

Anonymous said...

zaaain ashwa a7ad ta7acha !!!

i wanted to say something long time ago bs kheft an6ag! ..

if you love him that much .. WHY!!! why u let yourself be that miserable !! 7ata law ur feeling miserable with im .. u're feeling even MORE miserable without him!


wala mako shay beldenya yeswa! .. if he's THE ONE! then do something about it !

im sorry i know its not my business bs i hated seeing you chethy ;(

FourMe said...

hehehheh I love you guys I swear .. 7adkom mlageef :p adri ana 7a6a comments off cuz I didn't want it to turn into discussion or for people to think I want sympathy. I swear ladies you are amazing inshala ya raby alah ys3id kil wa7da feekom w yj3alha min ahl eljana :** I'll reply later to each comment cuz tawni ga3da o my brain is still off

FourMe said...

I don't want kids so can I not get this pain?!

Alah ykon eb 3onich.. I've been like that my whole life I put others ahead of me but I can't anymore and I do feel guilty because it seems like I'm being selfish but everyone one else is acting that way so maybe its not so wrong..


I can't call or contact I've done that in the past couple of times and enough is enough. True he is the person I want the most But what If I'm not the person he wants cuz if he wanted he could of contacted me and seeing the last time we spoke the problem occurred from his side.

karamty fog kil shay 3indy. I'd rather be miserable with my dignity thn be happy with him with no dignity!


Because comes a time when the other person needs to take an action. I'm tired of excusing him cuz he's a 'man' and men don't think right. Bullshit he has brains and a heart and if he wants to be with me he knows where to find me.

I compromised soooo much with him but that's it enough is enough. ely katba rabich by9eer and maybe we're just not meant to be together .. probably he has already moved on and found himself someone else while I'm still stuck in the past..

Anonymous said...

if you did take an action before .. then u're right ..

well .. alah yakteb eli fe elkhair .. allah yemsa7 3ala galbech o e6ayeb kha6rech ..

eseer e7na we do something :P .. give me his email number anything 3ashan i tell him what stupid fool he is for not taking any action!! e7na eli we dont know you we fell in love with you .. shlon ohwa eli kentay jedam 3eena !! ;@ ba3deen i demand him to take an action!!! 3ashan u feel better o etha 6ab kha6rech menaa taghalay ;p

and who ever think you want sympathy SCREW THEM !! ;@ ;p

ok enough with the drama ..


Fourme .. i dont know what happened ... but for the sake of your Heart! . just one last time!

ba3adha you can walk away knowing you gave it ur best .. and its his lost!

again sorry if its not my business

FourMe said...

Ameeen alah ysma3 minich. heheheh I'll only give you his number if you send a hitman to beat him up :p chan 6ab kha6ry min zeman bs 3ama eb 3aina hal galb..

awwww that's so sweet thank you.. I swear I feel the same I don't know any of you yet care about you so much :*

The last time I tried was the last time I know I did everything and more thn everything and he knows it and he knows its his loss as well.. I can't and I won't try.. I'd rather be miserable for many years to come thn contact him..

don't apologise I value your opinion and comments :*

Anonymous said...

weh maraa7 etsereeen miserable o rasi eshem el hawa ;p

wala ehemech i sent 2 hitman not only one ;p i'll send a cute hitman ba3ad 3ashan ye7tar ;p ( OMG e3jebatni el idea bs 7asafa ma 3endi a7ad abi akafkha ;p )

laaaaaaa 3ad kilish wala el galb ;**. ma artha 3alii .. e6eeb e6eeb o e7eb ghaira ;p .. keleshh kelesh yamlii 7ube ana ;$

btw i am stulker AF ;p . hal ayam kathreen el anonymous, they're stealing my identity :@ ;p

yalla yawkhaytee .. sherbay chwaihtech o start a new day ;D .. madre cham esa3a 3endkom now :P bs e7na almost 10pm o ana ga3da ashrab chwaihte :P

weeen el jema3a ? khal ensolef :P ween glitter ;p .. i miss her teasing me ;$ ;p

Soul said...

o yej3elech also men ahl el jana ameen..

anon allah yesma3 mennech o eyhawen 3laiha o enaseeha!

i will pray for u! deep down i know that u will get a better man! not now maybe but someday u will and u will feel happy again o u will say ambeeh ana shloon kent a7eb hathak!

maybe cuz i've been in ur shoes once and i thought he is the one and only! bas i met the true one and only o NOW kel ma at'thakar hathak weddi araje3 aleta box 3la 3aina lol

why hitman! let me play squash with him and i swear i'm gonna break all his teeth loool

Hasan.B said...

There is one thing shadni, which is the dignity part! And I salute you.

First off all I am convinced that you will move on if. Back to the dignity part. When I got divorced after a relationship of more than five years and a marriage of less than 5 months, I thought I wont stand it and would call my x-wife. But not that time. Once I left the judge's room that was it. Done and dusted. I never called or looked back, learn from my mistakes yes but never had hope, because of my pride. And guess what? It paid off. Never lose your pride or more importantly your dignity! Anyway english people tend to not lose it, so no worries;)

Anonymous said...

loool 3ashaaat soul squash it on him ;p o ana bagogaf 3ala 6araf ashaje3 .. o Fourme etshof men from the balcony o etbared chabdha!

are u imagining with me?? ;p

i second soul ..sometime u feel he's he one and only bs if you're not meant to be then he's not!

allah be3awthech better than him and he'll be the ONE and ONLY :)

Allah esaberch le hal yoom o ehaneech enshallah ;D

Anonymous said...

wow ! 5 yrs ended in 5 months!

o ana 3alami 2 yrs o bamot eb mokani! ..

etsalefni galbek? ;p

qouting carol sma7a : "hal 3alam nesyet sho ya3ni kilmat ana b7ebak!"

Soul said...


loooooool ee 6al etyey etshaje3 fourme! shakelha etha shafat el kora dasha eb wayha bet6egni ana o entay o etdafe3 3anna ;p

*tickles fourme*



after 5 years relation why divorce! i'm not interfering bas i like to learn! what was wrong? bedoon tefa9eel if u like!

FourMe said...

Anon AF:
hehehhe etha 7ilo elhitman dezy 3indy :p 9ar ent7al shakh9eyat hal youmain.. ana agol b6lay shoghol elAnon w 3ala golat'hom "ezhar w ban 3alaik elaman"


elmo9eba I've already been in love and thought it was IT till I met him and he changed everything and now I know the previous one was not love infatuation..

laaaaaaaaa sheno squash?! tara lal7een martha 3alaih :/


Don't misunderstand me but you we're young for that relationship plus the marriage, I'm sure it meant and probably still mean alot. But as I said I was already in a relationship from before and this one is s0 much more different and its not the kind to be forgotten easily, well at least by me I don't know about him.
No worries I'll take my pride and dignity to the grave..


Anon: mabi alah y3awithny eb ghaira bs abi ansaaa wala mabi shay thany abi ansa 3ashan arta7..

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey no playin sqaush entay ma3aha .. he's my loved one :(


3ad tadreen sheno amooot aghaar min eltickling

Hasan.B said...

Yes young age was a factor. I agree

:::ShoSho::: said...

Habibti entay thanks and we love you too..

Chill Man utd won 2 days ago (if you are cheering them as I am , more like forced to lol but I do like them)

Did you see the Christiano Ronaldo show on ItV 2 nights ago??

FourMe said...


:p nope missed it.. read about it though in the newspapers