Wednesday, 26 March 2008

All Hail the Centurion

England's Player David Beckham has reached his 100th cap - 100 appearances in England international games. Only 4 English players have reached such an honorary number of caps. Beckham is a remarkable player whether playing for Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA
Galaxy or England.

Congratulations Becks Well Deserved Mate !

And one for the ladies to enjoy or drool over ;)


eshda3wa said...

hes so damned hot!

Shoush said...

Not my type.

Glitter said...


He looks just like my X <----- *I wish!*

Glitter said...

What's ur type Shoush?

I have ALOT of types, in no particular order:
*Bruce Willis
*George Clooney
*Nikki/ Jessica, from Heroes :D

Big Pearls said...


Canc3riaN said...

Hmmmmm...... torturing. :P

suspic said...

Okay, caption contest for the model picture.

"Bloody hell, I forgot to wear pants!"

greyshorts said...

waay galby

Amethyst said...

I wouldn't go for him;p

G and L said...

major drooling going on here!!

FourMe said...

loool Girls plz plz control yourselves hahahha..

*FourMe wants a piece of that ass too*

FourMe said...

I hear ya sista


Woman plz!!


Don't we all wish he was like 'our' man! lol

*High Fives Glitter* THaaank YOU Bruce Willis is yummilicious
Mcdreamy is too nice but still he's a hottie.. ALL hail BECKS.. Georgy naaah I'll pass I'd rather go for Richard Gear ohh ya baaaby

Now nikki from Heroes?!
Well hell I'm dying for Angelina Jolie.. so I guess we're both on the right page loool


big pearls:
Ohh yes he is ;)


I second that !


lol! No more like

"You know you want it! But hey you can't get it!!"


loool girl don't you just wanna cry after seeing that ?


Now say that again without the drooling lol


g and l:
eho bas drooling ela sa3abeeeel with extra dose of sa3boola on the side :p

Oranjina fadidra said...

ok recap you think thats hot!?
he's only attractive in a girlish way... talk about Mcbubbly ;p

FourMe said...

Oran Fad:
Compared with what's on the market and the crap that we see on the streets yes I think he is hot but true he is hot in a feminine way.. The boy is just Too Damn Pretty!!

He does have one hell of a package lol

Soul said...

a5eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh esh hal jesem!!!!!!


Shoush said...

Glitter: Jake Gyllenhaal! ;P But he's just one of my types. Am picky, but i know i don't go for pretty boys. Except of Jude Law.

Shoush said...

of = for**

..::Amu::.. said...

I read about that yesterday!!

He is a smart player!

pink said...

i wana kill posh spice il7ywana i hate her to death..*crying* ABEEHH 7AQEE

FourMe said...

heheh shakli ba9fi6 yamich :p


eewwwwww he's girli looking.. me no likey

I have all the news here before it hits the stands :p

Certainly he is, more like his right foot has all the brains


lool I hate her too she doesn't deserve such a heavenly creature

miss ghesquiere said...

he would be 6 if he wasnt such a damned overexposed poser!

:::ShoSho::: said...

He deserves it!