Friday, 29 February 2008

When A Woman Becomes A MAN!

Wanted to post this earlier today but was a bit busy.

Seeing the 29th of February comes once every 4 years its considered a special day. It is an exceptional day where a Woman plays the role of a Man. A leap year tradition is that Women propose to Men! So not only we have to put up with their bullshit 24/7 but on this day us WOMEN are privileged to ask the dumb asses for their hand in marriage! !

On the radio they were talking about this all day:
1. A woman proposed to a man and from the shock he swallowed the ring that was in his drink! (I'm guessing he's going to say No)

2. A woman proposed to a man that she has been with for 4 and a half years, they own a house together and have a newborn child (The ass still doesn't think its time to propose). So she calls the radio and proposes On the AIR! The ass finally said yes! (taw enaas 7abeeb omik).

3. A woman went on one knee and proposed with a ring, he said: I need time to think about it" !!!

So the moral of the story is you ladies out there waiting for the Asses to propose and they still haven't after Xnumber of years of your relationship .. Propose to him or Dgay 3ala oma golelaha " Khalty btzawaj weldich Momkin??"

p.s. I'm back but still not active.. I need to relax for a day or 2 after this hectic week ..
p.s.s Who missed me ?? :p
p.s.s.s Lala* walahtay 3alay?? :P


Hopeless Poet said...

*raises his hand and says ana ana missed you :P

I didn't get any proposals yesterday! How sad is that :( Now I will have to wait for 4 years to get it :'(

And thanks for this new information! I didn't know that about 29th of February!

Anonymous said...

the devils missed ya...

Zi-One said...

7ata ana i didnt know ;p thnx

Lala* said...

Well, not really <--
y3ni acting co0l ! ;-)

Anonymous said...

weli every 2 hours checks whether ur back or no .. does that consider missing you ?? ;p

FourMe said...

hopeless poet
Miss you el3afya. 7areem ma 3indhom nethar :p yala wait till the next leap year ba3ad la 7awla wla quwa :/ You're welcome..

Anon 1
heheh I ain't falling for it :p

You're welcome z :)

fineeeeeeeeeeeeee 3ayal I'm leaving for another 2 weeks

Anon 2
No that considers you to be stalker material :)

:::ShoSho::: said...

What I want to understand is those who zstay together for so long and have kids and say it's not time/.. WHEN THE HELL IS THE TIME???? loool I mean Shino khallaw ba3aad lool!!!

:::ShoSho::: said...

LooooooooL at the Anon..

Such a lucky person you are FourMe you have an admirer!

FourMe said...

Madri yemkin yan6ir elgrandchildren:p
hehhehe ako a very thin line between admirer and stalker at the rate Anon2 is going on I say he crossed the line by miles :p

G and L said...

a5eeran u posted! and 6ab3an we all missed u luv:*

Anonymous said...

7araaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam! nawayay 7asana tara ;p ya3ni shasawe if i enjoy reading ur post :)

but i did miss you ;$

Hasan.B said...

A fat women asked me, I am still sad! Only one fat women;(

Glitter said...

Fans/ admirers/ stalkers ..??!?!?!?

Are you THIS good?!!


Soul said...

wainech entay!! ;p
ey5asoon el men i'm never gonna ask one exept Josh holloway ;p

FourMe said...

g and l
Yup akheeran Mistress FourMe has returned and started posting :p Missed you guys too :*

Dude you're freaking me out :p just kidding, hope you enjoy the coming posts as well..

Only 1!! damn better luck next leap year :p Etha ma tabeeha send her over to Hopeless poet :p

hehehe ygoolich agi6 e6air min esimaa :p shdaraaani I'm just like everyone else but with a splash of freakness, a dash of nuttiness, and a twist of craziness..

ana kanyyy entay wainich :P hmmm I will to my neighbour hehe

Anonymous said...

its not about being that good ..

its about speaking ur mind and yet amusing ppl! :)

glitter dont be jealous ;p you have a pretty nice blog and brilliant ideas ;)

its just that FourMe is more active ;p

FourMe said...

Great my work is being insulted in my own space .. you should thank the lord that I'm in a good mood or I would of really given you a peace of my mind :p

Define 'active' ?

zwena said...

i think what makes this blog so amusing .. is that u write unexpected subjects . u surprise us every time .. matamshen 3ala namaa6 wa7ed i guess :)

Anonymous said...


*yells at glitter KILA MENECH ;@* ;p

i like you i like you .. i no mean ;p

active: you post on a daily basis and ur posts so sweet to read :)

khalas me shushes i only look with my eyes ;p

Glitter said...

*throws the laptop at Ano"

I'll put you on my list of 10 !

Anonymous said...

*tries to jump away from the laptop*

:| :| :| i wanted to put you on my list first :@ .. but i thought since u invented the idea i cant ;p

ok why are we fighting!

khalas me sorry ..kiss kiss ;p

back shush

Glitter said...

OhMyGOD, the NERVE!!


First it was unfair of you to compare me to Fourme, I had just started writing my blog a mere 4 days ago!

B3dain you yell at me for no good reason,
and then you dare THINK of putting me on the list?!!

Wallah ghair bilsha hathy!!

Glitter said...

Now SLOWLY, hand me back my laptop.

Big Pearls said...

I am already married so I didn't get the chance to ask anybody! what a shame:p

FourMe said...

I just write what comes to mind. Thank you for finding it interesting :)

big pearls
Girl that shouldn't of stopped you
:p Sawehom arbaa3 :p


Children CHILDREN Stop it plz fala3taw the commentators :p

Now hand over the Laptop !! I'm confiscating it till you both behave..

Anonymous said...

Im shushes

Glitter me sorry *facing down*

FourMe .. khalas me behave good and wont say a word

*Anon sits on the corner tries to behave o mada little boz* ;p

:::ShoSho::: said...

LoL I came to check on anonymous *can't stop laughing*

FourMe said...

Hand over the laptop NOW! Face the wall and behaveee..


Adrii 9arat esalfa 6omashaa :p

FourMe said...


*Anon sits on the corner tries to behave o mada little boz* ;p <---- damn I'm good so not only I have a male stalker but a female stalker TOO!

3afya 3alaich FourMe always attracted both genders ;)

:::ShoSho::: said...

Yea I did notice it's a female too!

N. said...

Welcome back, thats a cool tradition didn't know it existed! Why on a leap year, is that how long women are willing to wait before finally reaching the limit! :p

FourMe said...

Thanx :)
yaa we're patient creatures but we tend to explode once every 4 years! We give you you're time to make the decision but If you don't we take matters in our own hands :)