Sunday, 10 February 2008

Saturday Night Dishes

I have nothing profound, intellectual, or intelligent to write about. So here goes the most random post you can come across.

3:01 am
- Seeing its too late to vacuum and feared of waking the whole neighbourhood up I opted for the next best thing. I went to the kitchen and found couple of dirty dishes and started washing them (I'm a cleaning freak and I find doing house chores and cleaning calms me down).
-Mum turned in a bit ago so went to her wished her goodnight, kissed her, and apologised for being a stupid little b**** for keeping on losing my temper and raising my voice.

-Prayed "Qeyam elail or 9alat elail" (to be honest I don't know what it's exactly called I just do it).
-Read Quran about 9 pages or so.

-Went back to the kitchen microwaved 1 Marks & Spencer's Melting Middle Dark Chocolate Pudding (only good thing about being thin is you get to eat such desserts at such times).
-Switched on BBC NEWS 24 and listening to the world news while writing this post. (oh and munching on the pudding)

You might wonder why I kept track of time, I'm a freak I have this thing about always wanting to know what time it is and usually I can guess the right time down to the minute.


'Grey' said...

9.07am : i wrote this comment ... hee hee !

Anonymous said...

11:40AM I say you are my know who I am :)

Hopeless Poet said...

And I believe I was in the final hour of my sleep and then in my way to work when you wrote this post!

OutOfReach said...

uhh i want to live this life :S
hate my job hate my job :s

Yara said...

I was awake and couldnt sleep when you wrote this post :/ oh and 7adi im craving the cupcakes u wrote about a couple of posts ago :)

FourMe said...


No I don't know who you are

hopeless poet
I'm an owl I'm up when ppl are asleep

What life? washing dishes at 3am like a weirdo .. heheh trust me it ain't all that

heeey missed you're comments.. its not you who's craving its the little bun in the oven who's craving it :p the little one has good taste in food

Cat said...

sunday 8:02 pm: don't u work on sudays !!! why u r staying up that late !

Soul said...

i was awake too.. playing snake and ladder with mom hehe..

FourMe said...

what are you talking about girl?! 1.Sunday is a weekend
2.Last time I worked was a year or so ago
3.Its called Insomnia babe

ohhh I love that game..

rhombus said...

you should get a lover, i hear they're useful in a time like this

Lala* said...

Clean freak, eh?.. Me like!

My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance :-)

Bombay Bombshell said...

Marks & Spencer's Melting Middle Dark Chocolate Pudding

I miss having Marks & Spencer's desserts every day. . The one in KWT just isn't the same bleh.

FourMe said...

hahah and where do they sell them ?

Lazy laaaazy fashionista ;)

bombay bombshell
I know it sucks they don't have anything, all they have is choco's. Don't know what's the point of having it..

:::ShoSho::: said...

LoL It's not strange i love doing the dishes i could sleep in the kitchen you know!

Hmmm, I love those chocolate microwaving desserts.. there's one in Waitrose which is just WAW check it. There are 2 in a packed and the dessert is in a small white porcelain dish..

FourMe said...

hehe partner in crime.. I'm not that addicted to the kitchen but I lo0o0o0ove vacumuu'ing. that I can do all day long :p
I'll give them a try.

TOUCHE' said...

So basically getting you a wrest watch as a gift is a bad bad idea :)

It must be interesting to figure out the time precision without looking at your watch, I like that.

FourMe said...


If it's a Jacob&Co or Frank Muller its NEVER a mistake :p

It is, but on the other hand its quite annoying when I wake up everyday at 7:01am when I'm not planning on getting up till 5 hours from that time.

TOUCHE' said...

Well if you put that way, then it is a curse to have a built in alarm that sets itself to irritating times :)