Friday, 15 February 2008

Once a Donkey's Arse Always a DONKEY'S ARSE!

Is it in a Man's nature to be an ass??

Yes today I am generalising. I FourMe believe that all Men at one point in their lives turn into a Donkey's Ass.

I am not basing my judgement on this one occasion only but actually on many occasions that I have come across in my life. The following conversation was between an old acquaintance and myself.

This is how the conversation went:

Donkey's Ass: Hi eshlonich shakhbaarich etc......
FourMe: Fine thanx, how are you? and how is the WIFE and BABY ?
Donkey's Ass: 7amdila tamam, both are good.. and the kid eyshawig
(note he married his wife after a love story)
FourMe: Good to hear, alah ykhalee lik inshallaa
Donkey's Ass: What are you doing on Valentines day?
FourMe: Nothing, planning on staying at home, I don't celebrate it.
Donkey's Ass: Noo ya gaaalbi don't stay at home lets go out for dinner. Ha eshgeltay?
FourMe: Huh! Isn't Valentines Day for people in love ? So where is your Wife??!
Donkey's Ass: She's in Kuwait.. yala eshgeltaay ?? 3ashaaany
FourMe: No thanks.. take care byee

Ladies & GentleAsses
I believe all Men are Donkey's Arses!

Shakespeare: "Asses are made to bear, and so are you"


Fa6ma said...

Ufffff and around V-day they parade it! A guy who's been hassling me for "looking like his one true love that he couldn't be married to" and calling me "7abibti" and I'm like, STOP CALLING ME THAT!! And just two days ago he asked me what I thought if a married guy wanted to marry me?!?!?!?!? EWWW =/ *seriously throwing up*
P.S. He is married with three little kids!!

:::ShoSho::: said...

l hamdilla Wil Shokr!

G and L said...

ambay!! arse and double arse. u5. yuck. we3. malat! g6e3a! can i express my disgust anymore! uf,,il7mdila wilshkr Alla yhade inshalla!

Lala* said...

A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.

kella met2a5er said...

I was gona go againest you in the begaining, but after I read the rest of the yoba klamich 9a7!!

I know lots of guys act like this, and if you are married, and have no girl friend(s), you are wierd in their eyes!!

And yeah by the way, just like how he is looking for valentine date..their wives 3alrahy have their own V date as well...

I really cant get this people..mako e7sas anymore!!

welcome to kuwait..where dating becoming your next hobby!!!!!!

offmyhead said...

hmmm.. theres something OFF about you.

FourMe said...

Ba3aaad ya3ni not just cuz he likes you No its cuz you look like his true love.. 7asby alaah 3aleeh min rayal

ee wala el7amdila wil shokr

g and l
A million times an arse and multiply it by infinite


kella met2a5er
btw I'm glad that a man commented, my regular male readers haven't commented yet! I have nothing against men, both genders have their ups and downs but this time I just couldn't take it! I can tolerate anything and laugh it off but never Cheating..

So true most married guys have an entourage of gf's for pleasure, emmm than what's the wife for?!

Alah yastir 3alehom w yahdehom, what goes around comes around.. ma a7e6 ebthmety bs ya I'm guessing the wife was in q8 looking for a date too!

Something OFF about me ?! Please elaborate.

suspic said...

I hope he didn't do it in such a direct way too. Just the thought of him thinking you might accept seems like an insult, to be honest.

FourMe said...

With the quality of girls around I don't blame him for thinking there is a chance. Just as bad your gender is ours is the same. Many (ashamed to say it) 'females' don't mind going out with a man in a relation, or married, or has 12 children.

kella met2a5er said...

So, What about you, why the hell you are talking to a married man, with three kids, since you are against it too!!????

I think its your mistake too, you should`ve stop it the minute you knew about it..

Sorry, but I think you are part of the problem!!

FourMe said...

kella met2e5er
I'm confused.. are you talking about me or fa6ma?

shoosha said...

wain ra7 the newer post i was about to comment on it!

FourMe said...

I read the comment that you left on it, thank you for the hug :)
I deleted it, wrote it in a moment of weakness and now I'm back to normal..

F. said...

Oh My God! @@

..::Amu::.. said...

I agree with u...WTF married man and doing this..thats a shame!!

'Grey' said...

*shielding myself for the gereralisation*

Ha ha ha ! What a loser ! You should call his wife and tell what happened, she will brand the Donkey's arse for good ! ssssssssss

FourMe said...

Oh my god times 10.

donkey's ass mate a true donkey's ass!

I would never.. If his wife hasn't realised that her husband is an arse thn that's her fault, but I would never dare to ruin anyone's relationship or marriage. I don't have the heart for such things..

Bombay Bombshell said...

Donkeys arse, understatement.
To the guy in your post I mean.

Fa6ma said...

kella met2e5er
If ya talking to me man, this guy works with me and we're bound to see each other but he always chats even if I ignore him!? And he's saying "7abibti" as if it's a joke, I always tell him that he should always think about his wife the mother of his lovely kids that he loves.
*rests her case*

TOUCHE' said...

I noticed that you’ve deleted your previous post and you picked up “the soul mate’s” description for this post.

You need a closure and as time passes it is harder to go back and ask for one, if it hasn’t been offered at the spot then asking for one might very well cause repulsive emotions.

It is the thing that might help you go on and let go, when we are trying to adapt to the fact that our special someone has gone away, we end up facing a new dilemma by having to let go of the idea and the emotions that were there. It gets too confusing to know where are those feelings are coming from.

On a side note, being rejected for many proposals may break a guy’s well to go on. Whatever the reason being offered it is still a sign that there is something seriously wrong with this relationship that despite the mutual love, you both can’t seem to agree on commitment.

Now back to you post, you are right, men have their donkey $%# moments.

iHamad said...

arent women saints too :D

FourMe said...


If I had closure I would've moved on by now. It wasn't offered and I'm not going to ask for it. But I hope one day he offers it so I can move on.

So true touche' so truee.. Its those damn emotions. As I said I think I was in love with the idea itself of having a soul mate, to be honest I don't know what to tell you. What's gone is gone and I'm dwelling on the past.

Is it that men hate being rejected and they don't know how to deal with it?

As for this post. Men tend to have more thn just moments.

No we are actually just as bad as the men.

TOUCHE' said...

Maybe someday you'll be granted your closure to set yourself free. Meanwhile, you have all the right to permit yourself to grieve, as grieving might be good to you while processing your emotions to reach a certain point when you feel that you done with it and the time feels right to move on.

Indeed, some men tend to have some security issues when being rejected and find it hard to deal with it as they've always been nurtured as superior to female gender.

You'll never have your answer for your question, too many attributes. No one can give it you as you are the solely knowledgeable person for all the insides of the issue and closure is the only affirmative validation.

Anonymous said...

we3, gross?