Tuesday, 19 February 2008

My Escape

I found myself a new time waster. In the past I wasn't really bothered with the internet apart from checking my mail, msn for a bit catching up with friends, and a quick tour around facebook. For the past couple of months I've become an on-line junkie, it has become a tool that I use to escape reality. It began with Friends for sale obsession and escalated to creating this blog to endless hours of browsing.

For the past couple of days I found a new addiction. I heard about the Second life some time ago, I always wanted to have a look at it but at the time had more important things to occupy my time with. For those of you who haven't heard about it click HERE "Second Life is an on-line, 3D virtual world imagined and created entirely by its Residents". It is truly a second life, once you enter it, you teleport between worlds at a click of a button. The best part of it is creating your character i.e. Avatar. It took me about 2 days to perfect my character (she's still se7ta), you get to change every aspect of her/him from figure to lipstick shade. I named her Venice, yet my mum calls her 'El Khebla' cause she doesn't know how to walk straight tamshy w da3im :(
This is a shot of her chilling in Italy.

Made me wonder how do people escape their reality?

What do you do to escape your reality?


Soul said...

LOL shakelha ey`6a7ek ur character.
i read tafseer el Qura'an to escape my reality. the best thing i've ever read.

FourMe said...


Sektay 7adhaa emthay3a, tawa wa7da gave me $2 bs madri laish heheh :p

Wow that's interesting, I read Quran alot but I get lost quite a bit I should try reading the tafseer as well.

Soul said...

LOOOL ana ashbek bel net men el dial up ta5ayelay!! fa i don't play online. kel ma agool ba7e6 DSL atkaisal! soon soon ba7e6 3shan asaweeli character o al3ab m3ach ;p
an9e7ech bel tafseer.. 3ajeeeeeb.. the best knowledge you'll ever get in ur life.

Anonymous said...

Someone kicked me out *bye bye*

Hopeless Poet said...

I should try that game and annoy your character (6)

I daydream to escape reality :P

:::ShoSho::: said...

Never tried this..

But I would love to buy an island and live there.. Can you lend me some money?


Any amount of money would help ;)

Lala* said...

I've heard abt this MN ZEMAAAAAAN, bs never tried it. Can't afford to indulge in any more time-wasters :-/

Zi-One said...

lool i was addicted to it bs al7een malait menah ;p

FourMe said...

ee 3afyaa Venice maskeena kila ga3da ebroo7a taksir elkha6ir :p

La khalas now its safe to come back :P

hopeless poet
I used to do that but lately I don't have anything to daydream about :/
Why does everyone hate her she's sweet.

ya it was out since 2003 or somethin like that, bs alah ysalmich it takes me about a decade to actually try something new :/

It's so addictive. So did you own any lands?