Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Multi Ramblings

I have couple of things I want to ramble on about, so instead of writing a post about each I'm cutting it short and jamming them all in one post. Listen up ...

Last Friday the Fedex boy came around he wanted to deliver a package to my neighbour but he wasn't there. So FourMe being a nice neighbour said I'll accept the package and give it to the neighbour when he gets back from work (this is the 2nd time I've accepted a package for him).

Now FourMe has a weakness for beautiful things :p This neighbour is one of those beautiful things that you just want to admire. Tall, slender body, slightly tanned skin, g0rgeo0o0os big baby blue eyes, ohh and adorable curly blonde hair.. MaMa MiaAaaaAa he's good enough to eat :p Elmohim I left the package by the door and really didn't pay any attention to what it was. Now hottie (sorry my neighbour) hasn't been home yet am guessing he's on holiday or whatever. I decided to put the package in storage only to my surprise I see this sign on it ...

Now 3afyaa a7ad yfahimny what the hell is Vegetarian shoes?!? Now I know some weird ass vegans refuse to wear leather goods because of the whole animal cruelty thing... Why did my gorgeous neighbour have to be one of those! For those of you who want some vegetarian shoes Click Here.
Do you think Jimmy Choo does veggie shoes? :p


Remember all the needle poking I did last week to check why I'm not gaining weight? Well today I went to the d0c's to check the results. El7amdila el7amdilaa he said everything is fine and all the results show everything is normal. So Why the HELL I'm not gaining weight?!? Doc says I have the appetite of a child and that causes my stomach to full up with smaller portions. He told me I should just accept the fact that its not easy for me to gain weight and as long as my blood count thing is normal I should be happy and suggested:

Doc: take up modelling and make couple of million out of it
FourMe: Hehheh ehhe heh hehehhe I'm toO old to be a model
Doc: Naaaah you could pass for a 16year old
FourMe: !! I wish
(FourMe's Head: If only you look closer and see the grey hair ely taris rasii, Damn I need to colour my hair soon)..

My beloved blog has received over 2000 pokes,hits, visits whatever the hell you want to call it in about 60 days WohOoOoOoOooOooO *FourMe does her victory dance*. Seriously ThanK YoU sweethearts for thinking my bullshit is worth reading :** Ohh and to Anonymous I think this is a good occasion for a pressie from GraFF :)

Merci (read it with a French accent)


Hopeless Poet said...

*Melts after reading the merci with a french accent* :P

And it is better that your neighbor turned out to be a vegetarian and not a serial killer :P

Lala* said...

Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels :-)

FourMe said...

hopeless poet
hehehe ... true truee

I beg to differ..

Canc3riaN said...

WOW... Nice rambling and congrats on the last part ;)

The second part is cute hehe.... I have a cousin who has the same problem. she's 26.

About the first part, did you have to mention Jimmy Choo? I'm met7arge9a now I wanna go shopping! I've been meaning to buy myself a new bag.

falantan said...

-Prayed "Qeyam elail or 9alat elail"

gawach Alla! keep it up, you know il7adeeth that Allah yanzel in the last 1/3 of the night right?

mashalla 3alaich I wish I did what you did. but I didn't, and you did :)

Soul said...

nafs yarna bel thab6! ;p

FourMe said...

Thanx sweety. Alaah y3enha its worse thn it seems, btw tell her vitamins help alot.Take me with yoouuu Me want shopping tooo. Choo's new bags are gorgeousss 7adhom eyshawgoon oh ohh and get some shoes :p

thank you, nothing is impossible and its never too late to start..you can pray it, its simple, just before you go to bed try to. Yes I've heard it.

hehehe tabeen I fedex you my neighbour :p

Soul said...

LOOOOOOOL eeee fedexeeeeh plzZzz wella tara ana anfedex o ayeela ;p

FourMe said...

hehehheheheh eho khal eyrid elwalad lal7en mafqood madri waina :p

Yara said...

I Got the cupcakes... they are dreaaaaamy .. i ordered a dozen coz i didnt know if i would like them, and i took them to my familys gathering... the cupcakes disappeared in less than 5 minutes and they were asking for more.. i will definitley get some 2moro.. Thank you :*

btw my sis is going to London monday i can send cupcakes with her if u want

FourMe said...

I'm so glad you liked them, the best i think the choco with the little vanilla in it and the one's with the chocolate icing. hehehe dozen ma ykfy try about 3 -4 dozens :p
7abeebty tslmeen its ok I'm coming back soon for a visit so I'll drown myself in them when I get there

powder said...

lol @ the shoes

Life of Arab Woman said...

some people cry from being thin, others die to loose 5 kg. no one mabsout .