Monday, 4 February 2008

I don't want to Move On..

I don't want to move on..

I don't want to move on..

I don't want to move on ..

You're forcing me to move on by staying away..

I don't want to move on I only want to be with you..

It seems like I have moved on, I hope that makes you happy...


TOUCHE' said...

The fear of moving on and having all those emotions stripped away from your heart, the fear that one day when you open up your vault and find out that the emotional balance is insufficient for whom had left and emptied all that used to be.

A terrifying idea that one day you won’t even recognize your emotions with barely a hazed image of what used to feel like.

Just prepare for the consequences for your decisions for whatever they are.

Rhombus Tigress said...

you cant always get what you want!
not even the walls!
even if you wanted them so bad!
life goes on.
you'll have new walls (even though they might be old and jaded) you can renew them, reinvent, personalize them, until you love them and make them your own................................................. until you're forced to say bye again

FourMe said...

Terrified doesn't even do justice to what I'm feeling. Yet I have to move on, why should I stay in my misery and pain.
I'm nursing my pains in whatever means that one can do to make one forget.

rhombus tigress
its not always good to move on.. Moving on while your heart is still stuck in the past is hell, but thn I don't have a choice.. either I live in the past or have my heart stay in the past and I move on forward..

falantan said...

Alla y3enech sis, I have the same problem. and its not the least romantic or whatever, its just plain painful.

FourMe said...

well put its just painful..