Sunday, 17 February 2008

How is it Hanging?

Girls Stuff - Boys go away you're not welcomed here shooO shOo away..

Now ladies I have a question for you.

Do you wear your bra while sleeping?

An Urban Bra legend says that wearing your bra all the time during the day and while sleeping will help maintain the 'girls' to stay in place and they won't end up looking like a pair of socks filled with sand (lovely image).

I found the pic below online and thought it was hilarious. I have to say it looks very comfy, specially if you're going out for a run :p

Note: I would really appreciate it if you ladies answer this question. Seeing its a sensitive matter for some so you are more than welcome to leave your answers under anonymous.


..::Amu::.. said...

welll first thing why to post something that is just for all the women!!!when u know that u got more male visitors!!!!!!! :@ secondly this subject doesn't attracts me!!! so Good Luck all the women answering it...n 3rd I am still not married so I can comment on such topics!!?

:::ShoSho::: said...

LooooL *blushes* I know it's not good to wear it all the time..

Lala* said...

there's a post missing, no?!!


Will answer ur question later under anonymous name, but guessing by the 3aish wel mil7 elly bainna, I think you'll figure out which anonymous is really me ;-/

Anonymous said...

well after my breast augmentaion operation, i was ordered by the doctor to always sleep with bras.

Anonymous said...


I like the feeling of freedom when I sleep..

No restraints WHATSOEVER!

Anonymous said...

It depends on the bra i'm wearing,
if it's silky and light, I sleep in it..
if it bulky & padded, I chuck it off.

Lala* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

LOOOOL i dont know why bs this post is hilarious :P
galoli mo zain albes`hom 7azat alnooom .. so i dont :$

bs now bel eshta etha kent bel beet ma albes bs akoon labsa tight shirt o fog`ha jacket cause bard o fashla i have brothers at home :P
bs walah aryaa7 ;p

P.S: i am really an anonymous i usually just read bs this post was too funny to pass it :P

Lala* said...


Yara said...

yes i always do... my mom always did and shes in perfect shape (e7em) no operation whatsoever therefore i always will :P

'Grey' said...

i wonder how many men are lurking over this post !

'Grey' said...

BTW 'some men' like to sleep commando too :D

Anonymous said...

grey I am with you mate!!! too many anonymous people here!!! hehe...Ops am I Amu again :P

Anonymous said...

Haha at grey :P

Anonymous said...

Everybody tells me I shouldn't sleep with a bra but sometimes I'm too lazy to take it off. Usually I just sleep with em.

New Bride said...

no no i can`t waite to get back home to set them free :P

FourMe said...


1.How about cuz I'm a woman and such topics are quite important.. 2.khalaas next post I'll write about speedo's just for the male readers :p
3.Ent laish malgoof didn't it say its girl stuff esh mala tegra elpost :P


hehe waay 7alatich 7ayaweya :p actually its the opposite


Yes, removed it :)

heheh 3aish w mil7 w selfridge w harvy :P

FourMe said...

Anon 1.
Good advice, good Doctor. With the augmentation aren't they supposed to be set for life with the support and the bra is not needed as for natural breasts?

Anon 2.
Be prepared for many saggy years to come.. Freedom has its price honey :P

Anon 3.
Ya entay ya emdala3a, go silky :p True padded can be a b*tch to sleep in, yet they are the best bra's to keep the 'girls' in their right place.

Anon 4.
On the contrary it's better to wear them at all times.
Aaaaah girl what are you doing to your self?! Tight shirts will flatten them with time. They won't be saggy but they won't be perky No More :/

heheh so can I consider you as a stalker :p 7ayach alaah commenting or no commenting you're welcome here any time just put your bra oN :P

FourMe said...


Got you :p


That's my girl. Exactly with it on 24/7 they're bound to stay in shape whether they like it or NOT! Mashala 3alaiha.

Hahhahahha I'm guessing more thn the women :p
looool that's the topic of the next post :P Seeing you and Amu are really interested in this topic, the next post is dedicated to you lads :p

Anon 5./ Amu
You're banned from this post out .. outtttt :p malgooof

Anon 7.

Good stay lazy for ever. Its better with them on.


Nooooooooo keep them locked up tara ma3a elwagt yo9loon laih erkabich :p

Hopeless Poet said...

The title reminded me of the song "Hanging by a moment" for Lifehouse :P
And I took your warning and didnt read the post :$ :P

Anonymous said...

Haw sij :|

most people i know egoloon you better take it off when you sleep! .. awal i used to wear them all the time and my babies had a pretty good shape ;$ .. bs lama galoli its better off at night gelt yalla .. bs ba3eeen shakelhom ez3alaw ;( .. i thought its from the way i sleep .. bs now im begining to think its from the bra .. SO THEY ARE BACK ON :P

Good post btw . and YES IT IS VERY IMPORTANT ;p

G and L said...

So the picture of bras and the hand-like bra is gonna make the men shoo away? honey ur offering the bees some honey. And i abstain from answering the question:P

Anonymous said...

I wear it all the time, day and night. I don't see a need to take it off, except for when I'm PMSing or on my first days of period. Them girls tend to hate the restrains at that time!

FourMe said...

hopeless poet

emmm haven't heard it or maybe heard it but just know the name.. Good man Hope you enjoyed Not reading it :p

Anon 8.

Can I say told you so told you so to all the readers.. Here you go ladies that's living proof that it is better to wear a bra all the time.. l7gay 3ala 3omrich and wear it again.. you'll notice the difference very soon

Exactly it is a Damn Important topic. What is a lady without her girls :p

g and l

We're all adults here and I'm quite sure the men have already seen an actual pair of breasts on many occasions. So reading this post is just as amusing for them as it is for us. The photo with the hands is actually meant for the Ladies. Don't know about you but running with breasts is a hassle and that photo would be perfect if it was an actual bra ;)

Anon 9.

SO TRUE! When Pms'ing hits elwa7id mala khilg nafsa let alone a bra. But do you know that's the best time to wear it, beacuse at that point the breasts enlarge and need support so the skin dooen't expand alot more hence creating strech marks on the 'girls'.

Anonymous said...

la7thaa .. ya anesa khebraa . i have another problem ;$ .. ya rabee mo 3arfa shlon agolha ;/ .. a7awel eb 6areqa la6efa bs madre shlon so im just gona say it ..

one of my breast taghayar bs !! madre laish ;'( .. ana 7ade menqahra o i dont know what to do ! .. im back to bra on again bs madre!

me sad ;'( .. they had a hell of a shepe bs now no ;''''''''(

btw ana Anon. 8 !

FourMe said...

Anon 8.

When it comes to Breasts I have to admit I am khebra :p I read alot about the topic and try to learn as much as I can because I don't want to result to surgery in the future.

Back to your problem, change in weight effects the size and shape of a breast i.e gaining weights tends to make them look more full, perky, and have a silcon implant look. If you lose weight they tend to drop and look more saggy and 'lifeless'. Is that of any help? cuz am not quite sure what you meant by they changed shape. Plus if your a mother and breastfed your child thn that's a whole different story by itself.

As well it's becuase you stopped wearing your bra so they lost the support, but if your back on it, give it some time and you'll see the difference.

Anonymous said...

im not a mother .. o im not gaining or losing weight..

the problem ena . wa7ed sayer shakel o wa7ed shakel !

3ade i explain it here wala fashla !

bs its good to know enech khebra :) i really need help ;(

Anonymous said...

ana eli qaherni .. of its because of the bra thing .. laish bs one of them! .. laish mo both!

got what i mean ?

FourMe said...

Anon 8.

Ok understood. If those aren't the reasons thn to be honest I'm not sure. One explanation could be your body is going through a hormonal change and that effects the whole body but possibly in your case it affected one area only. A woman's body is in constant change.

To be on the safe side have it checked out by a Dr. "woman gyno preferably". It could be something like in one of your breasts there are lumps that changed the shape, don't worry it doesn't mean that lumps in breasts are cancer or anything like that. Its just normal but it could change the shape as well.
Read this article maybe it will help you.

Hope its nothing and just one of them is having a bad year :p

Rhombus Tigress said...

i dont wear it at home, nor on wednesdays (unless i have to), and I like labna and zaatar

Soul said...

hahahahaha 3ajeeb el post ;) on on all the time.

FourMe said...

rhombus tigress
heheh esh m3na on wed?

Thanx :) good girl

..::Amu::.. said...

32 comments on this post! *eyes popping out* whats so special about it people??

Anonymous said...

amu : .. whats wrong with you .. cant you get the idea that IT IS VERY IMPORTATNT SUBJECT FOR "WOMAN"

tsk tsk tsk ;p

FourMe Thaaanks alot ;** i've been wanting to go to a D. bs e9ara kheft ;p .. lama sheftech khebra gelt as'al .. i'll read the article o enshallah everything goes well ;D

Thaanks for the post ;D

Anon. 8 ;$

FourMe said...


*Grabs Amu from the back of his shirt and throws him out of this blog*

Anon 8.

You're welcome hun.. plz let me know how it goes o inshalaa its nothing to worry about :)

Zi-One said...

lool thanks hal su2al kan m7ayernii wayed ;p wallah i hate taking it off fa i wear it at all times ;p bs i think mo zain aw shay chethi ;/

Oranjina fadidra said...

weird pikcuar!!

FourMe said...


The thing is everyone says it's not good but doctors say its good to wear it all times to maintain the shape.

I think one loud-mouthed woman hated wearing her bra and spread the word it's not good to wear it 24/7 and that's how the rumor started that wearing your bra all the time is not good for you :p

oranjina fadidra

the pictures are not only weird but freaky as well :p