Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Hectic Friday - Part 2

Beaware Long Post ahead

So I woke up around 3pm with the worse migraine on earth, would of loved an extra hour or 2 of sleep but I had to get up to go and see my cousin perform for the first time.

My cousin is studying acting and directing, since a young age he's been in love with acting. His parents allowed him to major in it as long as he minors in business, basically to have something to fall back on. I knew he was talented but he would never let us go and see him in his school plays or university plays, at the age of 16 he played a role (during summer holiday) in the Lion King production that was playing in the West End in London. This was the first time that he invites us (the family) to go and see him act. He was performing in the Shakespearean play Macbeth and landed the lead role Macbeth. It was his final exam at uni and he will be judged on his performance as well casting agents and film/theatre directors will be attending, basically to see if they want to hire any of the students in the future.

Now back to the hectic day, I was so anxious to go and see him so I didnt mind waking up. He' s not only my cousin but I consider him as my baby brother (even though he's only 5 years younger thn me). I was beyond excited, but the day kept going down hill! The play starts at 7pm, its in an area 45minutes away from central london. We though we'll meet up and drive there but as I was listening to the news I heard that the area leading to it had traffic jams becaause the traffic lights went down and we could be stuck in the jams up to 2 hours. Genius kicks in and I suggest to everyone we take the underground there, so we arrive on time and not disappoint him. So I managed to pull myself up dress elegantly and leave the house at 5:30. We met up and took the underground, half way there, the underground announces that there is Signal Failure between the our next stop and our final destination!!! Damn It such amazing luck!!! So we had to leave the underground, looking for taxis as we already passed the area with the traffic light mishaps. But guess what?! There wasn't not even one cab in sight !! So another genius idea kicks in and I suggest we take the damn BUS. Seeing I know my way around this beautiful country I managed to get the 6 of us on a bus to our destination, after 40 minutes of stoping at every damn bus stop in the country we arrive there with 15minutes to spare :) Trust FourMe to find a way around things..

Bless his heart he was so happy to see us arrive, so he introduced us to everyone (cast/director) and we took our seats as his mothers friend and her children joined us, in total we were 11. They were playing a contempary version of Macbeth so they didn't have the outfits, they just wore all black with long over-coats and swords. Bare in mind I have never seen him act. The play begins and he comes on stage, my mother and his mother start CRYING!! I looked at them and tears were flowing down their faces, elmohim I wanted to see my baby act after all this wait.

His tone, his features, his posture, everything about my baby cousin changed!! It was a totally different person HE WAS A REAL ACTOR!! The boy CAN ACT esmila 3alaih I was shocked beyond belief, I couldn't believe my eyes or ears! In general he's a quite person, he's on stage screaming while reciting Shakespeare!! Wow honest to God I've never been so shocked at the transformation! Anyhows comes a scene where Macbeth(my cousin) kisses Lady Macbeth(some english chick) on the cheaks passionatly(suppossed to be a french kiss but both actors refused out of respect for his parents, and the actress had her boyfriend there) still when he kissed her anaa 7a6ait edee 3alaa galbi because I thought at any minute now his mother is going on stage to slap him silly (she is extremly medayna) all of us started giggling like idiots because we knew how much she did not approve of any form of contact between a male and a female. Every time I looked at him I couldn't stop giggling because I was just too proud and to shocked I don't know just a bunch of mixed feelings, but after 30 minutes I really got into the play and enjoyed his performance, so did the rest of the audience. There was one scene after Macbeth kills the king he becomes distraught and starts talking to himself and breaking down, the emotions I saw from my cousin was pure genuis, he started crying so naturally! It was amazing.

The play lasted 90 minutes, it was maginficent even the directors there were impressed and congragulated my cousin. His grades comes out in about a weeks time he's aiming for above 85% and if he gets that we would get the Highest grade given to a drama student at university level across the Whole of England for this year !! Inshalla inshalla he gets it..

On another note my cousin is in talks for a movie with one of this years Oscars Best Actor nominee, but his highness the Actor is s0 busy that they will probably do the movie in about a year or 2. My cousin is already been to the casting sessions with all the other actors and director. I won't say which movie because I don't want to jinx it, but as soon as its all setup trust me I'll let you ALL know about it ;) I'm so going to the filiming of the movie :p

Anyhows we left the play and took our Superstar back with us, the roads are still blocked but thank God the Underground was up and running again. Maskeen instead of a limo waiting for him he's forced to take the underground :p Got back home at 11pm Deeeeeeeeeaaaaad Tired mayta min eta3aaab from this long day from all the needle poking and sleepless day and migraine :( But it was worth the trouble to go and finally see him perform it made me happy and proud .. ya rab alaah ywafga w ya7fitha

Entourage wannabe's apply within: Fourme is accepting applications for a limited time only (possibility of going to many red carpet functions in the near future) :P

The End of one of the longest days of my life ..
(If only I knew what a weekened was waiting for me , that by it self needs a Post)


..::Amu::.. said...

that was too long and boring for me :ppPPp... but I have to say thanks for working hard on this long post! :D

Lala* said...

Genius Gorgeous 4me with her talented superstar of a cousin :-)

Hoping to see both ur pictures in glossy celebrity magazines soon at the primiere of his movie***

shoosha said...

he was in the lion king!! mashalla!! allah ewafga!

FourMe said...

Mean person, didn't work hard just rambled about a veery long day..

heheh ma7ad rafi3 ma3nweyaty ghairich :* Me hoping to0oo0oo..

yup he's really talented, he was playing the baby lion dunno what it was called, eysalmich sweetie thank you..

Oranjina fadidra said...
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N. said...

Mashallah 3aleh Allah ewafja, and hope you do much enjoy yourself as well.

Hopeless Poet said...

So what will happen if he is required to be nude in the movie? :P

:::ShoSho::: said...

So am I invited to the big opening??? LooooL

That is awesome good luck to him!

FourMe said...

Thank you, well he made me proud and so happy ..

hopeless poet
If he gets paid as much as Demi Moore for her nude scenes I don't mind :p wean elghaiba?

Only if you apply to be part of his entourage, no worries I'll put your application on the top :p Thanx hun

shoosha said...


TOUCHE' said...

Lovely post, it felt like a couple of sentences long.

It’s a lovely Friday that sticks to the mind and the heart.

This post is so delightful with all the passion pursuing and living the dream, it’s simply overwhelming.

Best of luck for him.

FourMe said...

that's the one :)

The 2nd part of the day was lovely the 1st part was horrendous.

True, what made it so special was that it was always his dream to become an actor and to see it actually become a reality for him and see the praise that he was getting from professionals in the field was just remarkable. Thank you :)

Vagabond said...

Awesome post, I actually laughed/smiled :)

And I'll send you my application :D

FourMe said...

Glad you enjoyed it :)
Sorry you missed the deadline :p