Sunday, 3 February 2008

Hectic Friday - Part 1

Be aware long post ahead

Friday was one hell of a long day so I'm going to post it in 2 parts.

Last week I was at the Dr's for various reasons.
1. Back and neck pains.
2. Sever pms'ing - girl stuff.
3. Weight problems- I'm dropping weight and can't gain it.
So the doc decides:
1. MRI scans to check the pains and said it could be my nerves are pressing on something to do with my spinal cord.
2. Transfer me to gyno cause its more complicated.
3. Ordered blood tests to see what's up with my screwed up body..

It started like this I had a Dr's appointment at 9:45am and had to fast from 12 am the night before. So I tried to sleep early the night before obviously I couldn't and went to bed at 6am. At 9am the alarm goes off I think of hitting the snooze button but I know if I do I won't wake up and miss my appointment, got out of bed with my eyes SHUT washed up, changed (had my clothes prepared from the night before) and left the house without even brushing my hair (thank the lord for straight hair). Come to think of it I didn't even see my face till I got back home.

Imagine mo nayma meyta for a drop of water but I had to be fasting w on top of it had to go out in the freeeeeeeeeeezing cold. Ya3ni the mood alaahoma ya kafy, in general I'm not a morning person o foga mo naymaa! So after waiting in the freezing cold for about 20min I managed to find a cab. Arrived to the doc's while terrified to go in because I knew what was waiting for me.... Waited for my turn and walked into the nurse's room, I knew the dr ordered blood tests but I didn't know he ordered 6 different types!! Basically he ordered full blood count, sugar count, cholsteral count, thyroid gland check, something to do with kidney and the liver. Now no need I tell you about my phobeia's from needles, lets cut it short I'd rather have a lion bite my arm off than have an injection or have blood taken out of me..

The nurse asks me to have a seat and take my jumper off, so she can check my veins. I stand their for about a minute refusing to sit than I finally take a deep breathe and sit my butt down. Now she tells me the doc ordered too many tests and she needs 6 test tubes of blood, so looking at me she says lets do half today and the other some other day. Thinking to myself its a F^#*^@# Miricle I'm here today, so no way in hell I'm coming again. I act like a big girl and tell her no do it all now.. I swear I was thinking I don't have enough blood in my body to fill these tubes up.. anyhow as shes checking for veins I start talking NON-STOP without even breathing even she felt it and tried to calm me down. All of the sudden I became talkative and energatic (thats fear kicking in). Truth had to be told mashalaa 3alaiha edha khafeefa the needle didn't hurt as mush as my fear, she fills in 5 test tubes than FourMe the twat decided to look at what the nurse is doing. Because of the movement my vein made a funny noise and stopped producing blood. Therefore she decided she didn't want to search for another vein because I obviously don't have any left and she would just process the 5 tubes, and 6th tube was to check if I'm diabetic.

Cutting it short managed to get back home at 10:45 in one piece holding my arm like a child because its hurting and went to sleep. Obviously I couldn't sleep till 12 and I had to be up at 3pm because I had to go see my cousin perform in a play. Woke up at 3pm with the worse migrain on earth.....

To be continued...

(Apologies for the spelling mistakes but the spell check is not working I don't know why)


N. said...

Matshofen shar enshalla. It must be a pain actually fasting and then getting 5 tubes sucked out of you! I'm glad you didn't actually pass out because if that! Enshalla mako ella el 3afiya. Sometimes they're so thorough, it scares you hehe.

Badrah said...

I hate needles too.
Kash sha3ar yanbi wana agra your post ;/

There must be an alternative.
They can clone sheep but they cant figure out another way to test us humans :/ PRIORITIES PEOPLE

shoosha said...

amoot khoof min blood tests!! i needed to have one taken last month oo i still gain up the courage to go have it!

Lala* said...


lo0ks like it was a really bad long day!

green eyes, long straight hair, waif thin body <-- U'RE GORGEOUS GUUURRRL ***

FourMe said...

Shar mayeek, thats what the nurse was afraid from that I'll collapse but I guess I'm a tough cookie (whos terrified on needles) :p

You would think they landed on the moon but still poke us with damn needles.. Lets start a movement to ban needles and find alternatives

Laa you should, ana sekat 3an my health for too long till its reaching bad stage, la taskteen go do it take a friend or some1 with you, or just remember what I went through and do it ;)

Well the morning half was bad but 2nd half was actually good..
hehehehhe seeing I was out yesterday and got asked out by 2 Gorgeo0o0o0ous men I would have to agree with you :Pp
*FourMe is getting big headed :p*

:::ShoSho::: said...

Ohhh needle phobia, yesterday i had my blood taken and the doctor had to ask the nurse to hold my hand Ooooh!!

Hope everything is fine now..

FourMe said...

thats worse when they hold you down, I hope you're ok sweetie, to be honest I don't know yet waiting for the results..