Thursday, 14 February 2008


When is enough really enough ??

By nature we are greedy human beings , nothing is ever enough we always want more, more and some more. We are never fulfilled with what we have, we always demand more and when we get the 'more' that we wanted we demand some MORE. When was the last time you thanked God for the blessings and abilities that you have?

When was the last time you thanked God for being able:
-to see
-to hear
-to feel
-to smell
-to move
-to walk
-to talk
-to think


Thanked God for:
-having good health
-having water and food
-having a roof over your head
-having a family that loves you

Thank God for these simple necessities because there are millions who don't have them..

El7amdila el7amdila El7amdila


baby said...

il7mdela 1000 times

falantan said...

is this a followup to my post? :)

Greed is Good?

But I agree with you 101%, I only feel at peace when I'm saying (as well as acting like it) il7amdella

..::Amu::.. said...

el7emdella for all that we have :)

New Bride said...

thanks God for everything :)

soul said...

الحمدلله الذي عافانا و شافانا
الحمدلله الذي أطعمنا وسقانا
وجعلنا مسلمين!
I think the best part is being muslims! Hathi akbar ne3ma belnesba ley. El 7mdillah malyoan marra 4 that.

:::ShoSho::: said...

It's soo true.. we get blinded and want more and always feel it's not enough,, el floos niqma walla!

El7amdilla.. lovely post!

Lala* said...

الحمد لله عدد خلقه، ورضا نفسه، وزنة عرشه، ومداد كلماته


FourMe said...

El7amdila for having people that fear God, we live in a world where people are losing faith in their religion and everything around them.Alah yahdehom

As Soul said being a Muslim is the greatest blessing of all.

Dare I say I didnt read it.. sowwy :/
I'll read it soon .. as they say great minds think alike ;)

Fa6ma said...

I do appreciate all those huge -not simple- necssities. El7amdilla. Nice thing to be reminded of though! I like ur blog BTW =)

FourMe said...

We tend to forget these blessings and take them for granted.. Thank you hun :)

N. said...

If we didn't want anything we'd probably be dead, thats why we are never satisfied just become a problem when it becomes too much. Al7emdellah 3ala kel 7al!