Friday, 1 February 2008

FourMe is Cranky!

I'm so cranky..
I hate it when I'm cranky ..
I want to punch anything (any volunteer's)
Now don't become ohhh she's so aggressive and all that crap.. I'm not I'm just cranky
I think the main thing causing this cranky mood swing is my BELOVED DISSERTATION!

AAAAAAHhhhhhhhh abi akamish sha3ryy am crankyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


N. said...

Salamtech men el crankiness! You know what to do, find a punching back, go all Jackie Chan on it! Either that, or go for a swim in the pool :p Those do wonders!

:::ShoSho::: said...

Put your anger/energy whatever into something..

FourMe said...

Eysalmik n. I really need to get me one of those punching bags :p nope nope nothin will help.. need to punch some1 .. u up for it ?

mako energy ako anger :)

Lala* said...

you don't check your email often, do you?


Anyway, aren't you supposed to submit your dissertation by now?

FourMe said...

hehe not this one.. Just checked it, now girrrrl that's one blingbling to be proud of ;) me want me wantt ..
Yup .. "supposed" is the key word.. my dissertation etsalim 3alaich w tgoolich I'm 5 chapetrs short :/

Soul said...

Try cloroing ur nails with red.. it helps.. for girls only :)
just out of curiosity, what is ur dissertation about?

FourMe said...

ma3indy red :/ plus I don't colour my nails 3ashan e9alaat

in short its about the importance of oil and politics between Saudi Arabia and the United States :)

soul said...

well.. Good luck on that :)