Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Begging You For Mercy

I'm Craving, I'm Itching, I'm longing for those delicious little taste of heaven mini-cupcakes from Sugar & Spice. Ohh my ohhhh my the chocolate ones with a little vanilla taste in them *droo00ooo0oo00o0oling*. Seriously people if any of you haven't tried them, go there ASAP and have some, its at Shuwaikh Co-op. I used to easily go through 3 boxes a week of those delicious mini choc0 cupcakes.

Btw if anyone out there is thinking of getting me a Valentine's pressie thn let it be a box of fedex'd mini choc0 cupcakes ..... Fourmeeeeee dying for some :(


This song is being blasted all over the English Radio stations. I'm absolutely loving it!!

Duffy- Mercy


This Lady said...

I just ate a burger its past midnight and i feel sick!

so nooo mention of food to me plzz!

..::Amu::.. said...

eat eat eat ba6a baby eat eat eat...n no gift for u this valentine's :D unless I get one!!

'Grey' said...

*Sending Imaginary Cup Cakes * ...

Hopeless Poet said...

I want some of that too :O

soul said...

i hate valentine's :/ <-- ashkara single hehe

FourMe said...

this lady
Was it from Burger Boutique? 3ashan ag3ad abchy al7een

If they had them here I would be eating bs nothing even comes close to them :/ Ohhhh you'll be getting non.. I'v never celebrated Valentine's btw .. I just want the cupcakes :))

*Jumping up and down in joy*

hopeless poet
I don't know where you're located in the world exactly but if you're in kuwait go get some they are AMaAAAZinG

I hate it even moreeeee. single or not single I hate it .. I believe if one is in love they celebrate everyday not just 1 day out of the whole year..

shoosha said...

itha ur into choco cupcakes, then try the birthday cupcakes maloot chocolate bar!! akhh! ;p
oo i ain't sending anything illa itha u ship me a carrot cake min marks and spenc :D

Rhombus Tigress said...

i cant even remember the last time i had cupcakes - i'll be waiting for the fedex guy outside your door

Lala* said...

Yummy !

What's also delicious is this mini cupcake treats being freshly baked by this kuwaiti girl that you order by phone/online and she gets them delivered to your doorstep :-)

I'll get you her number for when you come back here.

FourMe said...

No noo girli nothing like Sugar & Spice mini cupcakes.. enzain send me chocolate cheese cake from Lorenzo ba3ad

rhombus tigress
wait in line I'm already standing out there hoping some1 will answer my prayer and send me those mini's

As long as it has chocolate I'll try it.. I like the home delivary option