Saturday, 12 January 2008

Praise the Lord!

Finaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy Grey's Anatomy Season Finale- Season 4 Episode 11 "Lay Your Hands on Me" aired yesterday evening in the States. Am so happy happy I've already downloaded it and waiting to finish everything am doing so I can snuggle up on the couch and WATCH IT!!! I love that show, its actually good it has twists and turns constantly. Not one of those boring shows that just keep on dragging for 3 or 4 episodes till something happens. Anyways am just glad that after that whole wait with the writers strike I can finally resume watching it. I really hope they do give into the demands of the writers because if it wasn't for them we won't have any shows!!

Thank You Writers for being a bunch of talented people who can please us with your words.

Long Live Torrents LONG LIVE TORRENTS :)


Yara said...

Long live torrents! i saw it too 3ajeeb lots of things happened (btw i hate the nurse Rose, sometimes i hate meredith too when she distances herself as mcdreamy is coming closer).. bas we'll have to wait until the strike ends for more :(

..::Amu::.. said...

I never watched it but I would say Long Live Internet :D

Lala* said...

My favourite!

I'm watching it on Showtime, Tuesdays @ 8pm, sacred time for me!
No one dare bother me that time!

I love Christina**

And McDreamy,
Aaaaaaaaaaah *drools*

FourMe said...

I not only hate Rose I wanna punch her in the face, I know Grey gets a bit annoying sometimes.. at least we got to see the end of this season

You should its a great show and its well written, it has boy stuff in it too:p like gushing blood and chopped off arms :)

No No Sex and The City is the BEST SHOW ever created! This is 2nd best :P
I think you're way behind on showtime .. akharib 3alaich w agoolich shy9eer :p
McSteamy *double droo00ol*

New Bride said...

hehe i know your feelings :)

me 2 i was waiting for for some series but i am in kuwait ;)

Lala* said...

I know i'm behind, but I don't want to download it, I like that I have a fixed date every week for me to curl up on my sofa watching it.

McSteamy IS sexy, there's no denying that, but McDreamy is something else.. It's the way he looks at Merideth, you know,.. I JUST MELT!

FourMe said...

You can download them thats what I used to do..

hahahhaha I know I used to watch it on showtime on thursdays before they changed it.. that was my time I switch the phone to silent, lock the door and waaatch!! I know there is something about McDreamy just a feeling that u wanna spend eternity with him.. But McSteamy more like wanna rape him (ohh shit did I just say that aloud) hehhe

Ansam said...

Yaaay! thanks for telling me. I will start downloading it now ;-)

FourMe said...

hehhe my pleasure

N. said...

3alech bel 3afiya :p Enjoy.. I don't watch it, but I do download it for my sister..