Saturday, 12 January 2008

PORTOBELLO MARKET- I did it the English way!

Its Saturday afternoon woke up at 1pm from the worse nightmare about Birdy (soulmate). Usually if I have such a horrible nightmare about him even if we're not talking I pick up the phone and call to see if he's OK (cuz usually my dreams come true) BUT not anymore I didn't call. Instead of staying home and feeling miserable I called my baby cousin and told her to meet me in Portobello Market.

I had my cup of tea and piece of toast, checked my e-mails, and changed. Today I felt like being a complete Londoner. I wore my beloved fave pair of Juicy jogging bottoms and top (dark pink) with my newly acquired comfy JustSheepSkin (Uggs's cousin :P), Gucci waist-bag (mali khilg handbag today) a long beige cardigan on top and a pinkish pashmina (keep in mind its 7c), hair up with my tiny shaba9a, and just my Pout lip gloss (gives a slight plump with a hint of colour and finally Ke7il ely ybe3on elhnood ely bdeera w salmiya (Best ke7il you can find). Left the house the weather was a bit cold but there was a ray of sunshine with a crispy breeze. I decided to take the infamous red London Bus, which is a bit unusual for me.

Arrived there it was not too crowded just about the nice amount of people. Started walking around taking photo's, cousin kept telling me 'why are you being a tourist today :p'. Any hows for those of you who don't know Portobello market, its a market that is on a long strip where there are kiosks selling different items from vintage items to new upcoming designers, accessories (including ANYA Accessories a designer who was featured in Vogue), to jewellers . You can find many bargains and stuff that you wouldn't find on the high streets.
Adorable Lingerie Amazing Photos
Unique 1 of a kind Diaries

We continued walking around I got couple of things. The best buy was studded t-shirt (Looks like its from Voyage) after bargaining got it for 10pounds. As browsing we kept on finding Chmaaq's in different colours and different styles. My cousin made a great observation and I was astonished when my little 16yr old said it;

Cousin: Why are there Chmaaq's all over the place??
FourMe: Its a new craze everyone is wearing it and its considered very fashionable.
Cousin: SO why do they Call us terrorists and then they wear our Clothes?!?
FourMe: hMmmm .. very good observation!

Cute Dresses


Lovely Silk Dresses (so cute for summer, loved them)

Also if you feel the need to munch there are food stands scattered all over the place.

Shrimps, check out the frying pan to the right, I swear I could fit into it :P

For those who have a sweet tooth ;)

Cute baby bathrobe aaaawwwwwCute t-shirt "This for Amu :p"

Overall it was a very nice outing but I had to rush home cuz there were 11 men waiting for me ;) Yes my boys were playing, so got back on the bus rushed home, kicked off the boots, put my feet up and just drowned myself into the lushes 11 men running around ;)

Couldn't get more English than that!

Photo of the Day: Its was painted on 1 of the walls!!


Yara said...

Sounds like so much fun! :) I've never been there.. ra7 ayey london next week enshallah o lazm ashofa

FourMe said...

its only on sat. get in any cab and tell him Portobello market opposite Ladbroke Grove station. Trust me u have to see it, its one of those things in london that are so interesting.. but they close by 5 so go around 11 or so.

Ra7aLaH said...

wanasa!! liked the photos!

Lala* said...

Who won?

..::Amu::.. said...

Nightmares again :/

but you had a fun filled day at the end :) I miss london!!!

Badrah said...

London in the winter. Best past memory. Lazim again next year enshallah.

Portbello Market is amazing! I love to go to markets like Portbello, Camden, Borough , and just sit in one of the cafes and just .. wait. Truly an amazing feeling.

FourMe said...

it was, thanx :)

We won baaaby **

when did they ever go away :( ya it was a change much needed..

Ya I just love the amtosphere there, it takes you away from the london rush into a totally different feel.. hope you have more great memeories to come in our sweet old london :)

This Lady said...

I love Portobello.. I go there on weekdays, its more calm.

FourMe said...

Its nice on weekdays but it becomes just like any other st in london just shops o cafes mako kiosks cuz they're only there on sat and some on sun.

I enjoy Kings road and St Johns Wood High st as well. its calm there 2.