Friday, 4 January 2008


I have so many things that I want to get off my chest and blab about but I've got a splitting migraine :( I took my medicine (Knock Out medicine that's what I call it) and going to sleep....

Note: been getting migraines for the past 13 years and this is the only medicine that actually makes the pain go away. Its called Norgesic, trust me its a miracle worker. If you suffer from migraines this is your cure.


Lala* said...

Salaamat sweetie ***

And thanks for the tip. My aunt has been suffering for years now and had tried everything, bs mako fayda! She'll be glad to know that there is finally something that can really work*

Cat said...

Salmaaaat wallah '9aygtey 5elgi :(

FourMe said...

alah ysalmich hun. Maskeena tell her about it, its amazing but it knocks you out and makes you sleep like a baby. btw you can find it in q8 cuz they don't sell it in london. As well botox injections in the forhead are amazing they make the pain disappear for 6 months.

eysalmich catty cat, shaswii I'v been suffering from it for years now I got used to it :(

..::Amu::.. said...

ohhh sallamat...I hope you get well soon :)

FourMe said...

thanx alah ysalmik :)

This Lady said...

thanks for sharing this tip. i know lots who suffer from migraines.

New Bride said...

salamaaat dear and thanks for the advice

my husband is suffering from it o i really hate it

FourMe said...

I swear i'm happy that people that don't know about this medicine can take it and feel better cuz ana t3athbt till i found a medicine that helped me .. inshalla it will work for them the same way it worked for me.. Plz let me know if it helps anyone..

this lady
Ur welcome, seriously spread it around its a miricle worker

new bride
eysalmich thank you, mayshof shar I know its really bad and it hurts to see someone you love suffer from migraine cuz you know nothing you can do can make them better.. bs inshalla this med will help him