Tuesday, 22 January 2008

My Attitude :)

Now that just puts a smile on my face :) 1000 hits and counting... Seeing I'm considered a newbie to the blogging world its quite satisfying to know I reached a 1000 hits in exactly 1 MONTH of creating this blog down to the day (21/12/2007). What makes me even more happy is that those 1000 clicks are mainly by people who actually bothered themselves to read and catch up on what I have to say, and not a random act of clicking by readers on Safat. This is what makes it special.

I created this blog one night out of complete boredom and frustration, I needed to talk, ramble, shout and scream about anything and everything. Before this blog I used to do all that with my supposed 'soulmate' but this is his replacement. Might I add what a fine replacement it is. Since its been up and running I feel committed to it, I feel obliged to check up on it on a daily bases out of respect and courtesy for those who took time out of their lives to read and comment on it. If you had the time FourMe then certainly I'll make the time FourYOU.

I'm actually baffled by the 1000 hits in 1 month with no advertising of the blog, which makes me wonder Do I have a stalker?! hMmm If I do and You (my stalker) exist, plz drop me an anonymous note letting me know I'm being stalked :P

I've been honoured with your visits and hope you will keep on coming to see me whenever you can fit me into your busy lives, its been a pleasure reading your comments and I hope our 'blogship' will continue for years to come.
A special Thank You to(in alphabetical Order)
for being here from the get go and for being such loyal readers :**

Much Appreciated,

Note to Soulmate: Buddie you've been replaced with this blog and beloved bloggers so EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!


Hopeless Poet said...

I was not mentioned even though around 500 of those clicks belong to me :(
That will make me your stalker? :P

bs ana za3alt and I wont read your blog again :'(

*Heart Broken*

Happy 1 month anniversary ;)

..::Amu::.. said...

well I am happy to see you happy :D

*thinking* will i see your 999999999999999 clicks :P ?

Good Luck.. Happy 1000 clicks...

Lala* said...

Wallah enti ash6ar menni..

In this busy busy life of mine I still struggle to find the time and energy to write on a daily basis :-/


Happy 1 month anniversary..
And many many more clicks to come :-*

It's so nice to see u smile, even if it's only a blue smiley ;-)

FourMe said...

hopeless poet
No No i did thank every1 else, its just those 3 were here from the begining.. heheh nice to meet u stalker;)
Dude I have enuf broken hearts on this blog to last a life time.. 3afya patch up ur heart.. and Thank you as well for being a loyal reader.. Hey you're special to your trying to crack the football code ;)thanx..

thank u hun, see special smile :D
hMmm ain't that a bit to0 far away, thanx

But you always managed to find the time to comment on my posts and for that you're an adorable, lovely, lady :**
Thank u babe..
eeeh at least its a smile :) guess its a start

Yara said...

Heeeey 3o'baal the next 1000 clicks :** Tawni dasha el hotel wel jaw in London fa'6eeeeeeeeee3...
U would never believe that Kuwait is colder than London!

Mabrok sweety and happy 1 month anniversary :) we are so happy to have u as a blogger among us :**

FourMe said...

7amdila 3ala esalamaa, ee bs bacher raaaain deray balich.. Thank you sweetie its a pleasure to be among you guys :** btw if you need anything here let me know :)

Badrah said...

Allah yzeed weybarik enshallah ;p

Happy one month anniversary ;p

Lala* said...

hopeless poet

Ana elly heart broken when you asked Fa6ma to be your muse too!!

FourMe said...

Thank you sweeti :)