Saturday, 5 January 2008

Diets, DietS, DIETS!!


Every where I go its diet this diet that, Low Calories, Low fat, Light, Semi Skimmed, Tofu, Diet Coke, Zero Coke?!?? WHAAT THE HELL!!!??

Ok I know so many women want to lose weight and its really 'difficult' for them to lose weight, and I sympathies with them. But PLEASE stop whining and close your mouth and have a piece of bread and drink a 1.5Liters of water and you'll feel full!! Am not being mean but its just not fair that your hogging the market and the whole world sympathises with any woman that wants to lose weight and the thin one gets evil looks as if it was a sin to be thin !

On the other hand am suffering from the opposite I want to gain weight (about 6 kilos to be exact). There are 2 things that are really annoying me and I wanna rant about:

1. Some of us do want to gain weight and its not fair that everything in supermarkets is diet, low cal, low fat (Guess what mate I WANT THE FAT!!). Maybe the majority wants to lose weight but there is a minority of us who want to gain it !! So its not fair you get a wide variety of choices of all the good stuff in Low this and Low that!! Ya3nii ana shakil low fat stuff while I wanna gain weight?! So what is it a new form of discrimination against minorities?? SSD - Small Sizes Discrimination??

2. To the idiots who think its ok to call thin people names and it won't bother them!! Breaking News!! Yes you morons it does bother us when you call us 3a9la, mort popeye, etc. Its just as bad as calling a fat person bgara, pig, cow etc. Its all the same fat or thin it bothers us. In general women of all sizes, shapes, and colours are self conscious. So please spare us your "funny" comments and jokes cause it ain't funny!!


Yara said...

me 2 everybody is obsessed now about diet... anyway to gain i think u should try to eat out as much as possible.. krispy kreme as breakfast maybe.. mcdonalds.. even though we walk everywhere in London.. we still gain a little weight from the food there kelshay 3ajeeb :)

This Lady said...

if u want to gain weight, u can do it by eating more quantities, but not necessarily "fast food".

because all that will do is clog your arteries, increase cholesterol and make u sick.

and about the names, i'm sure it hurts to be called bad things, bes hathi il dinya. fat ppl get called names and thin ppl get called names too.

Also, mo shar6 ina something low cal or low fat ma3nata bitha3if. they might have a higher sugar content or carb content.

FourMe said...

I do eat out and at home but my problem is with the portions, I eat so little and never get hungery! the only way I eat is if I take multivitamins, and if I don't take them I can go on a whole day without eating a single thing and won't even feel hungrey.

this lady
Ma ytha3if but tastes like play dough.. True am thin but I watch what I eat I don't like to eat oily stuff and too much sugar.

Cat said...

I wanna gain weight toooooooooo

..::Amu::.. said...

stupid people diet..clever people eat till they die :D

FourMe said...

join the club sweetheart..

3adil 3adil hatha elkalam wila balaaash :p

N. said...

Hehe, I know what you mean. I was sick while I was in the U.S. and everything was low fat etc. I did gain little weight but I didn't care much. Now I do, but for different reasons I just want to be healthy. So I don't think size matters, thin or fat but how healthy the person is!

FourMe said...

Seriously its not fair cuz here they pay more attention to these things thn in q8, a7la shay in q8 Kamil Eldasaam (Now thats what am talkin about) :P Thats why I wanna gain just 6 kilos just to be healthy thats what am concerned about.

DreamerGirl said...

You're right hun, it ain't fair that thin people get called names. I mean we have feelings too!