Monday, 21 January 2008

FourMe Weekly Roundup

Four Penguins - Just Adorable
*We Won this weekend! Thank the lord for this victorious streak. Even though the game was difficult but we tend to do this, Win against the big teams and struggle with the little teams!!
* My footballer didn't play the full match, he was brought in at half time and that's when I think the game picked up the pace. I'm not saying it just because I think he's the greatest, but his runs made a difference and created opportunities.
*Weather - its not only raining it's pissing rain!! We had 2 days of amazing weather it was great, but than NO the English weather decided to switch back to its shitty rain bonanza.
*Dissertation etsalim 3alekom all I did is the 1 chapter and that's IT!!
Note to Soulmate: Screw you for not being here for me till I finish my &$%^@#^ Masters, 7asafaa 3ala ever second I was there for you when you needed me!!


..::Amu::.. said...

forget him!!! its all in ur head @@

Lala* said...

wenta dayman sabegny?!?!?

New Bride said...

football :) i don`t like it thank God my hubby hates it 2

bas mashalah i know lots of girls do like football o mo local el internationl

FourMe said...

Easy said..

next time I'll drop u a msg saying what time am posting so u can comment gabil amu :)

new bride
eho wain ako local football.. le3ib elbara7aat a7sen min elocal.. ee chenhom habaw eb salfat elkora hal youmain

Hopeless Poet said...

Your team was lucky to win :@
The other team was controlling the match and wasted good chances :(

Lala* said...

Agol lich 4me shy mo 6abee3i, shoofay elfarg bainna bs 2 freaking minutes!!!

FourMe said...

hopeless poet
Eeem no they weren't, I think you're mistaken my team for some other team.. We had good control of the match overall, but they did keep on pushing.. but no I wouldn't say they were controlling the match..

hehehe so true :)