Monday, 14 January 2008

FourMe Weekly Roundup

Four in different forms

Weekly roundup of bits and bobs..

*Ohh boy where shall I start from!! This weekend my beloveds played and oh boy oh boY did they play. It was one of the most fascinating games of the season. The pace, the quality, the connection was all spot on. The football that was played was of its highest calibre, I enjoyed it so much and it truly made me happy :) At least I know if one man failed me that 11 men will always be there for me ;)
*For the 2nd week in a row my sweetheart my hero made an accurate pass that led to a goal * Fourme makes a Mexican wave* bless his foot!

* Weather still raining! I HATE RAIN!
*Hasn't been a good week, the depression seems to get worse day after day. On the other hand anger and hatred are kicking in towards *You know Who*! Am guessing its withdrawal symptoms.. don't laugh love can be just as addictive as any form of drug!
*My dissertation is due in at the end of the month and I still haven't wrote not even 1% of it.. I don't have the energy to concentrate, and its depressing me even more..

Weekly Quote- (Inspired by LaLa*)
"Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her: but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game."


Hopeless Poet said...

Now I know who is your team and I think I also know your player :P

Good luck with your dissertation.

..::Amu::.. said...

Hope the coming week will be a better one!

Lala* said...


This will be you in a couple of years***

FourMe said...

hopeless poet
No comment ;) ya i thought only a football follower would be able to crack the code heheh, thank u.

I hope so too..

laish t3awreen galbi :( I hope I never reach that point because its actually very sad.. and I never wanna be 1 of those ppl who remember the past in couple years time and say ohh this and that...

1001Nights said...

Hang in there sweetie. Just try to think of the releif you'll feel once your dissertation is done and how you plan to celebrate after that :D

(As for my stories sibrayy 3alai yayatkum inshalla)

Lala* said...

Oh no, bel3ax, i thought it was filled with hope that one day you will be able to move on.. !!


FourMe said...

1001 nights
Zartna elbrkaa.. Am hanging, ya inshallaa..
yala nan6ir ba3ad shensawii, adri athetich 7ana bs abi a3arf akhir elstory sheno..

my problem is that I don't want to move on.. I loved what I had and loved how it felt..and I know it can never be replaced and I'm dreeding the moment that I move on ..

N. said...

Oh, Voltaire 6ala3 yel3ab janjifa, didn't know that :p

Allah ewafjech with your dissertation thing..

FourMe said...

heheh ee 6ala3 gamarchy :P thank you ..