Monday, 7 January 2008

FourMe Weekly Roundup

This is my weekly roundup of bits and bobs here and there.
*My team played this weekend in the FA Cup and WON woho0o.. Our chances of getting the silverware are strong ;)
*My hero played and did well yet he didn't score. His cross to a teammate landed us a goal. (If only I can meet him).

*Harrods - sale is going strong, many amazing bargains and offers. Handbags wise they keep on bringing out more pieces that they didn't show in early stages of the sale. Shoes not so many good pairs.
*Harvey Nichols - Slashing their prices. Preview of cruise collections on display.

*The weather is freezing cold.
*Migraines keep on attacking me.
*A mild case of depression with a splash of anger and a twist of mood swings! (I sound like a cocktail).
p.s. As I am new to the blogging world, I would be grateful if each would tell me what are the blogging etiquette's?
Much appreciated,


..::Amu::.. said...

mmmm take care of your health first and live your life..get out of these headaches...enjoy the day as if there is no new day tomorrow :)

FourMe said...

aah the headaches will never go away its just one of those things that will stick to you till death :/ ... if only I can.

Lala* said...

Congrats on winning :-)

anyway, I'm no expert in this blogging world either, but I don't think there is any restrictions or etiquette required..

Just be yourself,..
or if you want, you can be whoever ;-)

..::Amu::.. said...

cheer up :)

Yara said...

like lala* said be urself o bas :) im coming to london sooon :) 10 days enshallah.. o baro7 Games if there are any good ones :)

Tara Feb19 Arsenal o AC milan, o the next day Liverpool o Intermilan

FourMe said...

Thanx:)) Just wanted to make sure didn't wanna offend anyone.

that requires energy :P

its really cold so bring warm clothing wila laish bring buy :P
Ya for Champions League, all teams play their best for that league its a joy to watch it.

::: ShoSho ::: said...

Who do you support? My husband and son are die hard man utd fans.. driving me nuts lol..

FourMe said...

Good choice ;) heheh you might as well join them if you can't get them to quit.. I'd rather not say for security purposes :P