Friday, 25 January 2008

For the Love of GRAFF!

Hello my name is FourMe and I am a GRAFF Addict. Ok now you already know my main addiction is Football specially my TEaaAAMMM :) Now my second addiction is diamonds specifically GRAFF- The Most Fabulous Jewels in the World!

I know what you're thinking all women love diamonds, true maybe they do but not like me. I am truly an addict, when I see Graff pieces I literally stop, stare, my jaw drops, my heart starts pounding, I feel weak at the knees, and I forget the worldddddddd and its existence ... I literally have to be dragged away from the display window. I am an embarrassment when it comes to diamonds. The thing is they have this power over me, when I wear diamonds for special occasions etc. I always feel so much better, straight away my mood changes and I become a happier person and lighter as if I'm floating. I reached a point where even my day to day watches have to have diamonds in them, guess it just makes me light up every time I check the time :D
Now this ring below is the biggest problem of my LIFE! I refuse yes I FourMe Refuse to get married if I'm not presented with this ring as an engagement ring (but with a White diamond not blue). Seriously I'm MADLY IN LOVE with this ring, its so beautiful, elegant, it has this thing about it emmm just pure beauty.
Yes I know no idiot will give me that ring but a girl can dream can't she.. Well my mother says: etha btn6reen a7ad ya36eech hal khatam ma3nataa 3anastay..
(This ring is 1.1 million pounds because its Blue diamond and they are rare)
Now listen I'm not materialistic or anything like that I just enjoy Fine things in life.. I guess diamonds are my thing.. But than I have been dubbed as high maintenance ;)
Here is a song that is suitable for this confession.. Yes Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend!


:::ShoSho::: said...

LoooooL eshdarrach yimkin you find someone who brings you that ring, who knows??

I love diamonds too but I don't have this feeling that I have to have this or that..

Lala* said...

I admit:
"i AM a material girl" :-/

*bowing head in shame, noticing the diamond ring on her hand, and grinning happily"

..::Amu::.. said...

I second shosho...I love diamonds but thats one expensive peace :)

FourMe said...

heheh emmm some how I doubt it..

w0ho0oo *high fives* partner in crime :P girl what you waiting for send photo's of your bling bling :p

Don't I deserve it ?

..::Amu::.. said...

ahh u deserve every piece of happiness in this world :)

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

3ad tadreen "Diamond's are a girl's best friend" was playing through my head as I read this post. lol

Go watch "Blood Diamond".

FourMe said...

thank you hun so do you..

hahah I thought the song would give a clear explanation for those who don't understand the connection between diamonds and girls..aaaah heard its horrible, but thats why Graff is great cuz of its reputation and the quality and clarity of their diamonds.

loya said...

HAHAHA NAFS 7ALTI!! killa agool 7ag ommy, mara7 artha 7ag wa7ed yetqadamli illa ooo 3inda blah blah blah.... ooo itgoooli " ee gi3day ma7ad ib ya5thech 3ala hal 7alla!!"

laish eda7roona!!! may9eer ya3ni na7lem shway ;P

Lala* said...

will do :-*

FourMe said...

shdaraani maykhalon elwa7ed eygi9 3ala 3omra eshway :p

*waiting waiting* :*

Anonymous said...

that ring if not in blue diamond is not that much and every man should want to buy you one... :)

FourMe said...

hahaha you really made me laugh :) Thank you and I guess men are blinde..