Thursday, 3 January 2008


Je suis tres tres fatigue! Bil 3araby am dead tired :P The trip was good it was very much needed. OK it went as follows; landed at Paris in their disgrace of an airport (CDG) around 7pm. To my luck the cabby was Moroccan and he was trying to talk to us in Arabic and I swear I understood more when he was talking in French than Arabic!! Got stuck in the traffic jam in their dowar ily just ahead of Champs Elysees, it was s0 za7ma that I compared it to dowar el Sheraton cuz they had the same maniac drivers. Elmohim the hotel was nice and quite and I had the best view, my balcony looks straight into Cartier :P We tried to get reservations at all the top restaurants bs 6ab3an makoo fully booked, so decided to go for a walk around and seriously it was packed of 3arab it looked like July in London! Had dinner in an amazing Chinese resto it was nearly as good as Mr. Chow in London (for those who don't know it Mr. Chow's food is a taste of heaven)(just had dinner there gabil shway :p ).

The next day was where the fun began :)) Got up around 10am which is damn early for me. As being a shopaholic (one of my addictions) I had to start my spree at Avenue Montagne. Just as soon as I arrived on the strip of heaven a frenchy girl comes up to ME out of every one on the street and starts asking me where to go to god knows where!? Ya3ni 3afyaa do I look like am flipping French!!! So Miss FourMe replies with all confidence Je ne parle pas francais! It actually put a smile on my face cuz am guessing the way I was dressed was like a frenchy and it looked like I belonged on that street and I know my way around heheh. Elmohim I did uncontrollable damage to the plastics ely the black strip on the back 9arat white enmas7aat bil a9a7 :P

Booked at Buddha Bar for New Years night and it was such a hassle cuz I had to book like 2 weeks in advance with 50 emails just so I can get a space there! The food was lo3at chabd alah yzeed en3ma I didn't even have a thing and couldn't order anything else cuz it was a set menu so thats a 1000 euros down the drain! The waiters 7adhom ywanson they were the highlight of the evening.. 6ab3aan knowing me I was wearing super high heels and couldn't walk and there were no cabs around cuz the whole of the Concord area and Champs Elysees area was closed off and people were walking around LIKE HELL AM GONNA WALK !! Managed to find a taxi and begged the police to lets us in so they finally gave in and let us into the closed off area.

In conclusion I managed to understand French and I was actually speaking(SHOCKING) and people understood, la w ba3ad wa7id bogha yd3amni o sabeta in french :D Finally I hate Paris and LOVE London .. so got into London and went shopping just couldn't resist those bargains!

Happy New Year..


..::Amu::.. said...

I miss Paris..glad you had fun..Happy New Year :)

Lala* said...

You're back :-)

And you know what, me too!
I like Paris, but I like London more. London is like a home to me.

Wlcm bak 7bbti, u've been missed***

Yara said...

Happy new year :) Glad u had fun.. like lala said london is like a home to me too...

seriously thinking about doing masters there

FourMe said...

Wishing You All a Happy NEWYEAR!

Nothing to miss it gets a bit boring after 2 days.

7amdila 3ala esalama. You know it girl there is no place in the world like LONDON! thanx missed you guys as well :)

thanx sweeti, I know its London baby. If you need any info about schools here or anything like that let me know i'll be glad to help :)

OutOfReach said...

glad you had fun :)
Happy 2008

Cat said...

Happy new year .. w law enny za3lana cuz u didnt took me with u 2 paris .. instead u said: NEXT YEAR ! jara7ty masha3ri :)

FourMe said...

Happy 2008 to you to.. thanx :)

Happy new 'catty' year to you. Eee mo shaswii entay ela tabeen Private jet :P

..::Amu::.. said...

I know it does but I travel alot and to be there every once in a while its fun!!

eshda3wa said...

gald u had a good time!

This Lady said...

I love both. London more than Paris though.

il7imdillah u had fun. hatha aham shay :)

FourMe said...

Lucky you.. but still I think paris is still boring and is only to be visited once every couple of years.

thanx sweeti

this lady
I'm becoming anti-Paris, its so plain and blah .. ya it was ok it was a change.