Sunday, 6 January 2008

Allah Yahdeena

Sub7ana Allah, El7amdillaa, La Ellaha ela Allah, Allaho Akbar.
I don't know how to begin talking about this but I make sure that I say the sentence above at least a 100 times a day. We take life for granted and we live and act as if we are immortals and will live for eternity. Eldenya makhthatna ebkil ely feeha min aham shay laih aqal shay. By the way I'm no where near religious wila mit7ajba wila mdaynaa wayed. Ana akhaf rabi, a9ali (on time as much as I can), a9oom, agra quran, w athkir raby as much as I can, and a7awil amsik elsani o mat7acha 3ala enas even though its very tempting sometimes ( hal elsan bydakhilna nar jahanim).

Eltasbee7 no3 min anwa3 el3bada methil qeyam elail w grayat elquran. Just listen 7azat elmagharb gabil athan elmagharb eb 5minutes to the birds, what you will hear is the birds ysab7on 7ag allah sob7ana w ta3ala and the same 7azat athan elfayir, you will be shocked to hear that they do it on the exact time every single day gabil e9alat like clockwork.

When I started etasbe7 I found it hard so I started with (Sub7anna Allah, El7amdila, Allaho Akbar) till I reached the point gemt akhith elmsba7 ma3ay min a6la3 min adri bakon eb mokan o I have to wait e.g. hairdresser, airplane, or sometimes just when am sitting watching tv.
Think of it this way it took you 30 seconds to switch your PC on, 1 minute to check your e-mail, 10 seconds to open this blog and about a minute to read it (or read any other blog), and about an extra minute to leave a comment that's funny and witty. Guess what by that time you could of said that sentence 200 times! How simple But how great bil akhraa...

Ygoloon (Khafeefa 3ala elesan wa Thaqeela fy elmezan).


Cat said...

Thanks for reminding us :*

Yara said...

wow Allah Yejzaach Alf Alf khair :) Mashallah allah ythabtich enshallah that u can do this wenty bderat '3orb mo moslemen

Lala* said...


..::Amu::.. said...

I second Yara!

N. said...

Mashalla love the picture! Nice post thanks :D

FourMe said...

My pleasure :*

Thanx sweeti, it doesn't matter where you are if you have faith in your heart you'll be fine 7ata lw ga3da eb mokan mala deen wla math'hab


Thanx :)

It seemed like it sums it up that there is a greater power that created such beauty and in the same time stronger thn us and we have to answer to it one day. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Anonymous said...

wanasaaaa .. entay awal shakh9 egool ena esabe7 eb mesba7 jedam alnas o mateste7en ;D
ana dayman asabe7 eb mesba7 o everywhere :P o alnas egolili walah zain 3endech al jor'a o mateste7en ena et6al3en mesba7ech jedam alnas! aghlabhom yeste7on!! .. i was like :| aste7e min shno!! doing a good thing!!

al9ara7a i salute u :D

FourMe said...

Laish aste7y a9lan am proud of it, that no matter where I am athkir allah. Malich shoghol bnass continue what your doing o alaah ythabtich inshalla. If they ask matest7en just reply aste7y min bashar wila aste7y min rabi w athkir eb kil wagt!

Thank you :) inshalla more people will do what we do