Monday, 24 December 2007

Sale Preview Nightmare

Yesterday I went to Harvey Nichols for the Sale preview o ya raitny ma re7t. What I saw was disturbing (personal opinion). I'll try to set the scene for you so you can understand what I had to witness, goes as follows; Its Christmas Eve around 2pm. People rushing around like maniac's trying to get their last minute presents. OK its started with the Ground floor where all the Handbags are, I entered the hall to witness the a massacre!! Yes it was a HANDBAG massacre it was horrible and sad. As I passed by Dolce & Gabbana their handbags were stacked up against each other and some scattered on the floor(I couldn't even look continued walking)came to Chloe the scene was horrifying, just I was leaving passed by Balenciaga aakhhhh 3ala ely shefta this seasons bags being thrown around with no dignity and no respect :(

Went up to the first floor aka "Shoe lala land" I was about to cry the Choo's the CHOO'S the JIMMY CHOo0oO's tebahthlaw one on top of the other 7aram I couldn't bare it. Entered into the section with the rest of the shoe's it was depressing all the shoe's from different label's were thrown all into cold depressing stands as if they were cheap madam's standing on the streets of the red light district in Amsterdam !! The lovely Cavalli's looked like 5kd shoes min el7osh ily in salmiya THE INHUMANITY!!

By the time I reached the Third floor I was speechless.. I have seen the handbags laid against each other as if there was a sign saying Buy 1 get 1 FREE, the shoe's being humiliated, and the worse was yet to come when I reached the swimwear section ohhh how can I say it .. all those lovely beachwear items that Harvey is known for lined up so closely together waiting to go on death row and each item is waiting for their execution !! I left without buying a single item it was disappointing, even though that was just the Preview! I've witnessed the inhumanity of the sale a million times but it still shocks me how these luxury items can be treated so cheaply :/


This Lady said...

Oh the horror!!! Oh the pain!!

Ashwa ini mashift hal shay chan bichait 3ala il ashyaa ilee sharait'ha this summer!

Lala* said...

I witnessed it!!

I was there too around the same time!

The atmosphere was suffocating :-(

I, too, didn't buy anything!

FourMe said...

this lady: chan mo bs bchaitay chan kamashtay sha3rich min ilqahar

lala*: ebthimitch wasn't it just horrible .. just imagine the Harrods sale when it starts !!

Lala* said...

*nods her head in agreement*

Went to Selfridges today. Almost got trampled >;-(

Yara said...

Thats why ajalt ro7ty london till late January... :( I know i've been to London around this time and saw it all..
What did u do on x-mas day? kelshay msaker i hated it

FourMe said...

lala*: I was there to, it was s0 crowded la3at chabdi .. but had to go I was forced.. Couldn't even walk around it was all pushing and shoving and I went late around 3 and ppl have been there since morning!

yara: a7sen late jan is better at least the new season collections will be out plus less crowded.. I stayed home mako shay everything closed o eshwari3 fathya etkhari3 :/