Saturday, 29 December 2007

My Addiction My High My Love

Hello my name is FourMe and I am a Football'aholic (if there is such a term). I am a football FANATIC!! And no am not a guy, lesbian, 9abyak, or whatever else you can think of, I am a Woman a Lady (but not a girl, I think I passed that stage) :)

I have been a football freak since I was a little girl, I used to watch football with all my uncles and my guy cousins while the girl cousins were playing Mothers with their new born babies. My football fascination started with (ashamed to say it Kuwaiti football Qadsiya to be precise) than I moved on to World Cup and started getting into it. By the way all of that around the age of six or seven.

Now I'm in love with a certain team in the English Premiership League. (I won't be saying which team I support because I'd actually prefer to keep my identity unknown, many of my friends and other people know that I'm madly in love with this team and as I will be posting alot about it I'd rather they didn't find out its Me :) ) Ok this I can say from international teams I support England ;( Yes we didn't qualify and that broke my heart :((

There is one specific player on that team that I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH!!!! I think he is beyond talented and one of the best in the game. FYI he's not good looking, so I don't love him because he looks good in a tight shirt and shorts. I love the way he plays, the way he runs, the way he is, he is my Hero my Legend :* I love you mate.

This is my addiction Football No Not Soccer F O O T B A L L !! I love it I love it I love it.. When I watch my team play I forget the whole world exists all I care about is those Damn Fine 11 men scoring and putting one in the net for me :P Football is my high it’s my drug it’s my addiction.


..::Fast Lane::.. said...

Its your drug!!! Say No To Dgs :D

I am not that big fan of any game...I like to play them all when I have time but honestly I cant watch it!!

Cat said...


I watch football too .. specially the premier league .. I love arsenal :) and I adore theiry honrey but he moved to bracelona now .. I mentioned once that I love chrestiano ronaldo .. her were a friend told me that I watch football for the wrong reasons ! hehehe

N. said...

Mashallah, that is a serious obsession :p

FourMe said...

hahhaha can't say no am so far in that I can't get out am addictted to the game. Hmmm not a fan of the game hMmmmm

I know everyone assumes thats just cause a girl watchs football shes watching it for the hot players .. bainy w bainich i don't even think Ronaldo is hot!

hell yaa ;)

Yara said...

i love football too and regularly go to football matches in london and milan with my husband :)

FourMe said...

Ohh thats so sweet, its great that you enjoy it and not one of those wives that are forced to go to matchs with their hubbies.. yaaay I found females that actually loves and enjoy football as well..

This Lady said...

i happen to be into football too.

not too much, though. but i can watch it now without wincing (or barfing!) like before.

its very enjoyable now ;) especially with all the hotties! heehee.

FourMe said...

lady like:
You know its really interesting these days to see so many girls have changed their mind about football.. well at least you're enjoying watching the hotties run around but I scream my head off and shout like a maniac when am watching :/

Hopeless Poet said...

You better support Arsenal :@

Well I am sure your team is 1 of the so called big four and I promise not to tell if you tell me :P

I am glad that girls are starting to enjoy football for football and hopefully I can marry 1 of those girls so she will watch with me and won't bother me about going out in weekends when there is a big match being played :D

FourMe said...

hopeless poet
No Comment :P
I think some girls started watching it just for knowing whos who, but thn started appreciating it. hahah I get the weekend thing.. cuz I stay in while all my friends wana go out. Inshalla alaah yrzgik ebwa7da san3a et7ib football :)

RainDrop said...

you should b dad's daughter x_x

Anonymous said...

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