Sunday, 23 December 2007

Down with the flu..

This is how it goes: A couch, box of tissues,small bin overflowing with tissues, 3 layers of pj's, my soft blanket, every type of flu medicine man has created, lip balms, hand creams, scary hair and about 10 shab9at around me....

For the second time this month I've got the flu!! I barely recovered couple days ago and was planning on taking the flu jab(injection). Its obvious I have a shitty immune system and the English weather keeps on attacking my body every time I step outside the door :(

The worse part is with all the medication am taking nothing seems to work from pills to cough syrups to home remedies to anything, you name it I've tried it! DAMN IT I HATE BEING SICK!! I feel my head is being crushed and squeezed, my nose so blocked that no air what so ever is going through, my ears keep blocking and unblocking by themselves(basically I hear only parts of conversations between people around me), my lips are so chapped that its painful to speak, I sound like a 13yr old boy, and my beloved box of tissues doesn't leave my lap, and on top of all of that am suffering from a broken heart !! Aaaah if only life could always be this good !

el7amdila 3ala kil 7al :)

Note: If non of this makes sense than don't blame me blame the medication!


OutOfReach said...

ma tsho0feen shar :)
I hate being sick too :s
o0 hope your feeling much better now :P
nice blog and i'll be passing by from time to time :)
yalla get well soon ;)
o0 welcome to the blog world .

FourMe said...

Shar mayeech thank u .. i know its the worse feeling on earth. Ur more thn welcome ;)

1001 Nights said...

Hun get some Bepathenen. I think thats what its called. Well its something like that. It's an ointment and you can find it in pharmacies and it should really help with the redness and dryness in the nose.

I went through the same thing where I had like three colds in the span of six weeks or so. I don't know if you're walking around or going out a lot but you really shouldn't because even if you take medicine you still HAVE to take some time to sleep and rest and eat right.

Also London is very very cold so if you do go out wear thermal pants and tops which you can find in Marks&Spencers. They're REALLY good.

Ma tshofeen shar dear, ajur oo 3afia

1001 Nights said...

Oh I found the website for the cream I told you about. You can get it at Tesco or Boots.

FourMe said...

Shar mayeech ey3afeech inshala 1001and i'll try to get that ointment. Am not going out staying in mostly but sometimes I have to, oh no matter what I wear I get sick! Sleeping?!? what is that ? Since I got sick I have lost that privilage :(