Sunday, 30 December 2007

City of Lights here I come

I wish I was a man !!! I'm leaving just for couple of days and it took me about 2 hours to pack!! Times like this that I wish I was a man and just open a bag and throw in jeans t-shirt and jacket... NOT .. bags, shoes, belts, dresses, jeans, tops, jogging bottoms, make up, accessories, hair dryer, and last but not least my beloved shaba9at. Seriously its tiring to be a woman and not even mentioning the pampering lengthy process. I want to be a Man!

I decided am not going to go online there cause I need to damn relax and chill for a change. So I wish all of you my newly acquired blogging buddies a Happy New Year o inshalla tkoon senat khair 3alaikom kilikom and I hope that each single wish and dream of yours becomes a reality :)

A bientot :)

To my Soul Mate: If you ever come across this blog by fate or destiny I wish you the most miserable, horrible, and loneliest year of your life!! Enjoy it sweetheart I hope its hell :)


N. said...

kel 3am o enty eb khair enshalla.

Cat said...

take me with u :( pweeeeeeeeeeez

eshda3wa said...

hope u have a BLAST!!

..::Amu::.. said...

loooooooooool Have fun...I like the last line the one for your soul mate :D

Lala* said...

And a happy new year to you***

P.S. He wasn't the ONE if he made you feel this bad.

FourMe said...

wint ebkhair inshalla o happy new year

min 3yooni next year inshalla ;p


thanx i did :) hahah ya I had to wish him all the best :D

Bonne Annee mademoiselle LaLa.. hMmmm shagoolich sometimes I think he can't be my soulmate and thn I think he is my soulmate and lets leave it at that..